Anaconda Burger
Baharan complex, Sattarkhan St.
+98 7136281020
Wonderful Place & New Taste Of Burgers.You Can Order Multi-layers Burgers.The Buffalo Wings Are So Tasty.
Bagh Raaz
Shiraz , Shahed Blvd.
+98 7136234000
Bagh-e-Raz restaurant in Shiraz is located in a beautiful garden with various dining sections including outdoor sittings and rooftop tables, with an amazing view. restaurant's breakfasts are popular and for main courses we highly recommend Soltani Kebab. Prices are a little above average but it is worth it.
Bell Passi International Restaurant
Khakshenasi St.
+98 7132274924
Bell Passi is an Italian restaurant with pleasant decorations.
Sattar Khan St., 12th St.
+98 7136282007
Berentin is a family-friendly restaurant which offers delicious Persian food in a relaxing atmosphere.
Berman Berto
Dostan St., Maliabad
+98 7136344141
Only take out great pizza amazing burgers
Black Burger
Hafez St.
+98 7132278990
Outside area, instant preparation, fried potato, special, classic, and Mexican burgers, all make a nice complex.
Cafe Cubano
Western Hedayat St.
+98 9393163004
Enjoy your coffee at one of the best Cafes in Shiraz.
Cafe Opera
39th St., Rahmatabad, Qasr dasht Ave.
+98 7136293385
 Nice Gourmet food and fabulous drinks are served here and it's a quiet and intimate cafe
Cafe Rio Take Away
Khalili St.
+98 7136282810
Cozy and friendly Cafe in Shiraz.
Della Steakhouse
In front of Jahan nama garden, Hafiz St.
+98 7132282851
Steak house
One of the best Steak houses in Shiraz 
Dragon Chinese Restaurant
Somayeh St., Hadadi St., Dragon Restaurante
+98 71 3228 6074
The best Chinese restaurant in town. 
Espresso Lab
Chen chene, Narvan St.
+98 7132261537
This is a really decent little specialty coffee shop in Shiraz. Modern interior and baristas who has been trained in Italy. The interior is modern and clean and smoking inside isn't allowed, unlike most of the places in Tehran. Good coffee with care and pride have taken in the product. Worth a visit for sure if you're in Shiraz and craving...
Ferdowsi Cafe
Ferdowsi Ave, Opposite of Aryan Hotel Apt,No 194.
+98 7132316616
Cozy and beautifuly designed Cafe offers variety of healthy meals and drinks on their menu.
First Cup Cafe
Ordibehesht alley, Mollasadra St.
+98 7132319121
  “Awesome setting, delicious Chicken Salad Sandwich, and great coffee.”
Geren Cafe
Hoomehr complex, Niyayesh Blv. Chamran
+98 7136541894
If you are a movie buff, this is a perfect Cafe for you. you can enjoy your coffee and appetizers while watching top movies in this cafe.
New Quran Blvd., 17th Alley
+98 7132270000
The name of Haft Khan restaurant complex was taken from Ferdowsi's book, Shahnameh(the book of Kings), .one of the persian epic masterpieces. The root of haft khan's name is related to the seven stages or houses that Rostam had to go through to rescue Keikavoos from the slavery of Mazandaran king. But the word Khan has also been used in Per...
Hamburger 110
Anvari St.
+98 71 3233 1230
Fast Food
Hamburger 110 is a fast food joint which serves pizza, hamburgers and shawarma variations.
Namazi Ave, Beside Melli Bank.
+98 7132231919
Iranian Traditional designed Restaurant offers all kinds of Persian cousines on their menu.We highly recommend Alula Polo.
Kohan Restaurant
Chen cheneh St., next to Soroush Supermarket
+98 7132292070
Kohan Restaurant with its uniq interior and traditional Persian dishes is open for lunch and dinner everyday. "Cooking with love provides food for soul"
Magiran Burger
Next to the 6th alley, Farhang shahr.
+98 7136307572
One of the best Burger joints in Shiraz, they are also famous for their delicious Pizzas.
Mahooni Cafe
Hafiz St.
+98 7132278585
They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. main dish is Pasta and you can also enjoy your soft drinks with toast sandwiches here.
Niayesh Restaurant & Coffee Shop
Namazi St., Before Shah Cheragh ,Sang Siah Alley, Across from Bibi Dokhtaran
+98 7132233622
Coffee shop
Niayesh offers a limited number of home cooked meals along with a selection of teas, coffees and hookah.
Pizza Napel
Between Chencheneh and Khakshenasi Cross roads
+98 71 32298411
One of the best fast food restaurants in Shiraz. their menu offers a variety of delicious Italian Pizzas.
Pizza pizza
Sattarkjan Blv.
+98 7136275675
Cozy and friendly restaurant in Shiraz, they are famous for their delicious Pizzas.
Pizza Zaver
Next to the 59th St., Asiab Ghavamin, Ghasorldasht
+98 71 3629 01 31
One of the best Pizza joints in Shiraz, you can taste real Italian Pizza here.
Q Cafe
Abanbar, Vakil Bazzar
+98 7132224028
One of the city’s first specialty coffee bars is still its best, serving up excellent coffees from Coffee Planet alongside tasty breakfasts and waffles
Ferdowsi Ave,Roudaki St.
+98 7132359271
They offer variety of persian cousins and we highly recommend Kashk-e-Bademjan and Abgoosht.
San Marco
Maali Abad st., Doostan st.
+98 7136354961
This Italian restaurant also serves French and Sea food and is a perfect place for dinning with family.
Shandiz Mashhad
Shiraz, Sepidan Freeway
+98 7132274947
Traditional Persian
This traditional restaurant offers a host of Persian dishes in a family-friendly environment. 
Shapouri Cafe
Zand St., Darioush St., Ahli St., Anvari St.
+98 71 3233 2934
Shapouri café is located in the Shapouri Mansion. The café has a laid-back atmosphere and serves delightful dishes.
Zand Crossroads, Taleqani Junction, Masjid Vakil St.
+98 7132241963
This restaurant offers a variety of Persian dishes like Baghali Polo (broad beans and rice with dill) and the shiraz favorite Kalam Polo (cabbage rice).
Shatter Abbas
Azadi Park, Gaz Sq., Khakshenasi St.
+98 7132261370
Shatter Abbas is Kebab place which offers a variety of the all-time Persian favorite along with seafood dishes.
Shatter Abbas 2
Saadi St., Zand St.
+98 7132237495
This restaurant is a branch of Shatter Abbas and offers a host of traditional Persian dishes. 
Sindokht- Haftkhan 7
New Quran Blvd., 17th Alley
+98 7132270000
Sindokht is one of the seven Haftkhan restaurants and is considered an all-you-can-eat buffet.
Next to the 10th Alley, Afifabad, Shiraz
+98 7136284012
Sufi is a traditional restaurant and one of the oldest eateries in Shiraz.
Soufi Fast Food
Next to the 10th Alley, Afifabad, Shiraz
+98 7136276398
one of the best fast food restaurants in Shiraz with delicious Pizza and Sandwiches.
Street Lounge
Maali Abad St., Pezeshkan St., Cafe Street Launge
+98 7136380402
Street Lounge Cafe and Pastry offers amazing breakfast during morning time and tasty sandwiches during the day. 
Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant
Maali Abad Blv., Doostan st.
+98 7136344040
Qasr-e Dasht, Zargari Crossroads, After Qom-Abad
+98 7132270529
Tin is a family-run restaurant which serves a variety of Persian and international dishes. 
Maali Abad, Across from Mellat Park
+98 7136359840
Touba offers a selection of Kebab, Persian and seafood dishes.