Bagh Raaz
Shiraz , Shahed Blvd.
+98 7136234000
Bagh-e-Raz restaurant in Shiraz is located in a beautiful garden with various dining sections including outdoor sittings and rooftop tables, with an amazing view. restaurant's breakfasts are popular and for main courses we highly recommend Soltani Kebab. Prices are a little above average but it is worth it.
Bell Passi International Restaurant
Khakshenasi St.
+98 7132274924
Bell Passi is an Italian restaurant with pleasant decorations.
Sattar Khan St., 12th St.
+98 7136282007
Berentin is a family-friendly restaurant which offers delicious Persian food in a relaxing atmosphere.
Da Vinci
Chamran Blvd., Chamran Grand Hotel, 25th and 26th floor
+98 7136262000
Da Vinci is an Italian restaurant with an Italian chef.
New Quran Blvd., 17th Alley
+98 7132270000|7132280000
1- Foroud ,is the first of the seven Haftkhan restaurants. Persian dishes are served in a very well designed  traditional environment.  They have live music . Haftkhanis  known for it's beautifull interior and exterior design by Mr Iravani .  2- Belian,This ground-floor buffet offers a huge array of traditional Persian dishes including freshly b...
Niayesh Restaurant & Coffee Shop
Namazi St., Before Shah Cheragh ,Sang Siah Alley, Across from Bibi Dokhtaran
+98 7132233622
Coffee shop
Niayesh offers a limited number of home cooked meals along with a selection of teas, coffees and hookah.
Zand Crossroads, Taleqani Junction, Masjid Vakil St.
+98 7132241963
This restaurant offers a variety of Persian dishes like Baghali Polo (broad beans and rice with dill) and the shiraz favorite Kalam Polo (cabbage rice).
Shatter Abbas
Azadi Park, Gaz Sq., Khakshenasi St.
+98 7132271612
Shatter Abbas is Kebab place which offers a variety of the all-time Persian favorite along with seafood dishes.
Shatter Abbas 2
 Chamran Blvd., After Chamran Hospital
+98 7136244500
This restaurant is a branch of Shatter Abbas and offers a host of traditional Persian dishes. 
Qasr-e Dasht, Zargari Crossroads, After Qom-Abad
+98 713220529
Tin is a family-run restaurant which serves a variety of Persian and international dishes. 
Maali Abad, Across from Mellat Park
+98 7136359840
Touba offers a selection of Kebab, Persian and seafood dishes.