Milad Tower
+98 2188620381
Located at the top of Milad Tower this rotating restaurant offers international menu.
North Sohrevardi Ave, Corner of Nikoo Ghadam Alley.
+98 2188534757
  Alborz in one of the best Kebab restaurants in Iran.
Ali Qapu
Vanak Sq., Haqani Ave., South Ghandi St., Corner of 23rd and 25th, No93
+98 2188777803
Ali Qapu Restaurant Traditional Menu with Classic Iranian Architecture takes you back to old Tehran. You can enjoy your meal with live music
Niyavaran Ave, Kashanak,No386.
+98 2126118401
With popular traditional Gilaki (Northern Iran Region) menu and a cozy and friendly space we recommend it to you.
Amoo Sohrab
Andarzgou Blvd.,North Salimi Ave,North Ashkestan pour Alley,Khami Alley,No11.
+98 2122675224
Persian Restaurant and Breakfast Spot
amoo Sohrab is a friendly and cozy place to enjoy your home made Iranian cousine.
Amorino Cafe
Niavaran St., Yaser Intersection, Sadeqi Qomi St., Boukan St., Marjan St., Alborz Complex, No. 25
This open café has delicious sorbets, double chocolate cake and a famous detox booster.
No 48, Golfam St., Africa Blvd.
+98 2122059525
  Luxury restaurant with Traditional Iranian plates.
Mirzay-e Shirazi St., Between 5th and 7th St., No. 31
+98 2188304407
This 50-years-old restaurant serves steak and seafood. Staff does not speak English but menus are bilingual.
Arous-e Lebanon
Shahid Beheshti St., Before Sohrevardi St., Corner of Darioush St., No.14
+98 2188457862
The restaurant offers Authentic Lebanese food prepared by a Lebanese chef. They have a breakfast buffet, in-house bakery and a must try lemon, tamarind and mint drink.
Vali-e-Asr Ave, Beheshti St.
+98 2188719568
Iranian traditional plates. 
Asian House
Hakim Azam St.Parc de Prince,No 15
+98 2188616113
Asian House This small cozy Asian restaurant is very well decorated with a modern, simplistic Asian design. There is only one big table in the center that every body gets to sit around and enjoy picking your choice of small Asian dishes off of a rotating belt bar. Reservation is recommended as the space is limited. The center under the Park o...
Baghe Behesht
Beginning of Fasham Road (Zard-e-Band)
+98 09126547414
Open space restaurant with Iranian cousine menu.
Yousef Abad Ave, Asad Abadi St., 19th Alley, Corner of Shafagh Park.
+98 2188557448
Bagro Fast Food Restaurant Offers Healthy and vegeterian dishes and Burgers.
Bam-e Khaneh
Taleghani St., Iranshahr St., Iranshahr park, Iran Artists Forum, Western top roof.
+98 2188865950
Bam-e Khane: a rooftop Italian restaurant and cafe in Honarmandan Park with an open buffet that serves various pastas as well as steak. The menu also includes different cuisines from other countries. After watching a play in the theater downstairs, you can enjoy your food and live music in a quiet and spacious place that looks over the park.  ...
Shariati St, Before Dolat, Corner of Amanpour Alley, No.3
+98 2122631017
This vegetarian restaurant offers a host of vegan dishes and natural drinks. The combo meals, which give patrons a taste of a selection of meals served at the restaurant in small portions, are very popular. Staff speaks English and Wi-Fi is available for patrons.
No 9, Nastaran Alley, South Seoul Ave.
+98 2188044202
Restaurant and Fast Food
Mainly known for its Breakfasts and Soups, Great place to hang out with friends.
Vanak St., Mola Sadra, North Sheikh Baha
+98 2188068410
Traditional Persian
The exterior of this restaurant promises an unforgettable traditional persian dinning experience. Barbod features beautiful Qajar stained glass and offers a verity of kebabs. Persian hospitality abounds. Dinners chose their main course from the menu, but the sumptuous buffet of starters is offered to all. Prices are high end. 
Barn Café
South Sohrevardi Ave, Ouraman Ave, No13.
+98 2188341252
cafe Restaurant
You will enjoy your Coffee with delicious cakes here.
Mahro St.,Golnar St.,Elahiye
+98 2122019615
Traditional Iranian sandwiches with Bolki Bread(small white baquettes)
BBQ Chicken
Roomi Bridge,Shariyati St.
+98 2129411
They are famous for their Fried Chiken Plates.
Beirut Restaurant
Pasdaran, Across from Golestan 7, No. 1714
Lebanese Restaurant
This tiny Lebanese restaurant offers delicious Shawarmas and natural drinks. All spices and sauces used are Lebanese.
Shahid Mahram St.,Seyed Jamal Asadabadi St.
+98 2188007770
Pastry Shop and Pie Shop
Old Confictionary which is famous for their Chocolate cakes.
Chamran Hwy, and Yadegar Imam Hwy, intersection, Parsian Azadi Hotel.
+98 2129115087
One of the most luxurious Italian Restaurants of Tehran Located at Parsian Azadi Hotel with well mannered staff and service.
vali-e-asr St,Ramtin Hotel.
+98 2188554409
Mediterranean and French
Bistango is an excellent restaurant located under the Ramtin hotel. The menu is extensive with a lot of tasty high quality options that offers fabulous seafood options. This restaurant has a very well known Canadian chef, the staff speaks fluent English and offers valet parking.
Vanak Sq., Khodami St., Aftab St., Mahtab St., No. 26
+98 2188054638
This restaurant serves a variety of Italian and international dishes.
South Ghandi St., Ghandi Complex, Corner of 4th Alley.
+98 2188788272
Cozy and warm with modern decorations and great Italian food has made it a favourite place to hang out with friends
Niavaran, North of Niavaran Palace, Pour Ebtehaj St., No. 6
+98 2122298833
This Italian restaurant is famous for its Italian burger and claims to have the best pesto sauce in Tehran. The restaurant offers a refreshing lemon drink and good pasta.
Zafar, Takharestan St., Hassanzadeh St., No. 2
+98 2126412952
This restaurant is a bistro with three branches in Tehran and one in Mashhad. The restaurant has tasty pizzas and sandwiches as well as great steaks and grilled fish. Fresh juice is served with meals and the restaurant has delicious coffee and a divine tiramisu, among many other tasty options, for dessert.
Shahrak Qods, Dadman Blvd., No. 171
+98 2188086060
This restaurant offers a selection of French and Italian dishes.
Breakfast Delion
Mirdamad Ave, Corner of Jordan and Vali-e-Asr
+98 2188176389
breakfast Delivery
Open from 07-11 am they only serve breakfast and we recommend chapata for you.
Fereshteh Ave,Shabdiz St., Afshr Dd end,No13.
+98 2122632166
They offer Iranian Traditional Kate (steamed rice) with variety of stews. 
Africa Blvd., Saba Blvd., No25.
+98 2189741
They prepare their burger with pure and fresh meat and they oprate under the license of Rebel Groupe INC
Saadatabad, 30th St.
+98 2122398667
Fast Food
This burger joint offers a verity of burgers designed for every taste. The portions are generous. This restaurant which offers high quality fast food, is owned by the famous Barobax pop group. 
Sohrevardi Ave, Khoramshahr (Apadana) St., No172.
+98 2188522121
Borito Restaurant You can enjoy all kinds of Grilled BBQ and Steaks at this restaurant.
Fasham, Imam Khomeini Sq.
+98 26503174
Iranian Menu and a beautiful place to enjoy your meal out of Tehran.
Cafe 78
Karimkhan Zand Ave, Azodi (South Aban) St, No 38.
+98 2188919862-3
 A somehow unique cafe in downtown Tehran that only serves soft drinks. The cafe’s menu includes hot beverages such as tea and coffee with different and unusual flavors, but it is most famous for its traditional Iranian drinks including herbal teas and distillates such as saffron tea, orange blossom tea and thyme tea. Once in a while you can enjoy...
Cafe Khaneh
Taleghani St., Iranshahr St., Iranshahr park, Iran Artists Forum
+98 2188311906
Cafe Khaneh: If you like to try traditional Iranian drinks such as borage (starflower) and valerian tea or herbal distills like orange blossom, Cafe Khaneh inside Honarmandan Park is the place to go. This cafe also serves other soft drinks including fresh fruit juice and tea Latte. Tables are placed inside a hallway under large windows with a vie...
Cafe Khosh
Mirdamad ‌Blvd., Shah Nazari St., Kousha St., Sasani Pour, Corner of Moayeri, No. 9,
+98 2122271286
This cozy café has a modern setting and offers various drinks and homemade pastries. The café has special weekly offers.
Cafe Nazdik
Karimkhan Zand Ave., Between Iranshahr and Mahshahr St., No. 134, 1st floor.
+98 2188490726
    Cafe Nazdik Ketab (Nazdik Book Cafe): A roomy and bright cafe with smoking and non-smoking sections where you can spend some quality ‘me’ time with a book from the cafe’s bookshelves or enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee with your friends while listening to live music. The cafe also serves brunch, midday snacks and salads, thus catering...
Cafe Raees
Motahari St, Fajr St, No 44.
+98 2188314738
One of the most well-known chain cafes in Tehran, Raess caters to different needs of its customers; you can drink your favorite beverage and learn how to make it yourself from Cafe’s staff. Barista training and Cafe management sessions are held in different branches upon demand. What’s more, if you ever decide to open your own coffee shop, they wil...
Cafe Romance
Ferdowsi St, Before Ferdowsi Sq, Zaraabi St, No 4
+98 2166749574
Interconnected rooms with wooden walls covered with paintings and posters, old looking chairs and tables, long sash windows made from colorful glasses and the aroma of coffee and food; Cafe Romance, near Ferdowsi Square in downtown Tehran, is a old renovated Qajari house and decorated in the style of the romantic era. The menu offers hot and cold b...
Cake Studio Vorta
Enghelab St, between Ghods and Vesal St , Next to Cinema Sepide.
+98 2166475300
Pastry and Cafe
Cake Studio is a very cute pastry shop that offers a sitting area, a variety of delicious pastries and small bite savories as well as a coffee and ice cream bar.
No 168, between Mofateh and Forsat St.,Somayeh Ave.
+98 2188825616
They serve breakfast,launch and dinner and there is fresh fruite juice and home made cakes available.  
Chai Bar Cafe
Farmaniyeh Ave,North salimi St,No145.
+98 2122210313
A modern tea house and cafe located in Kolah Farangi historical Bldg from Qajar era.
Motahari Ave, Mofateh St., Zohre St, No45.
+98 2188319962
Chanta Restaurant Italian style Pizza and Pasta.  
Enqelab St., Hafez St., Alborz Alley, No. 1/2
+98 2166460839
This vegetarian restaurant has a popular Mushroom penne, Moussaka, Spinach Lasagna and homemade Apple Pie. The restaurant offers natural drinks including a special lemon and mint mojito. Staff speaks English and the restaurant has Wi-Fi.
Motahari St., Mofatteh St., Zohreh Intersection, No. 6
+98 2188327075
An Indian chef creates authentic Indian dishes with true ingredients. Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala are two of the famous dishes here. The restaurant has an English menu and English speaking staff, and offers Wi-Fi. Dining in Chingari with the incense and Indian statues transports you close to India. Specialties are Indian tea with milk a...
Vanak Sq., Vanak St., Kar-o Tejarat St., Pardis Junction, No. 23
+98 2188644770
Fast Food
Chipotle is a Mexican fast food joint. Prices are average ranged.
Pasdaran, Dowlat St., Corner of Eyn Abadi St., No.1
+98 2122775004
This café and restaurant offers Italian pizza made from scratch and good coffee.
Mirdamad, Across from Al-Ghadir Mosque, No. 168
+98 2122228535
This pizzeria has rectangular pizzas made with a special sauce and 12 different spices. Natural drinks are available
Cookie box
Shriati Ave, Andarzgou Blvd, Farmanieh Ave, Kouh-e-Noor Complex
+98 2122832293
Pastry Shop
American style cookies and macaroons with three branches in Tehran.
Farmanieh, North Dibaji, Kouhestan 8, Azarmina Alley, No. 33
+98 2126131311
Finding this restaurant will take some time but the delicious cast iron pastas and steaks will be rewarding. The restaurant offers natural drinks.
In between of Sepehr alley and Fakharmoqadam, Shahrak qarb
+98 2188093728
Dastsaz is a cozy Cafe with a beautiful interior design. They offer delicious smoothies in this family friendly cafe.
Motahari Ave, Corner of Sohrevardi and Torkamanestan Ave,No14.
+98 2188453031
Day Fast Food Restaurant Delicious Fried Chiken Plates.
Tajrish Ave, Fanakhosro Alley.
+98 2122757161
Luxury Restaurant with Seafood and international menu.
Dejavu Café
Valiasr Ave., Enqelab St., Raazi Alley
Coffee Shop
This modern café is a great gathering place for young and veteran artists, hosting solo theatrical performances and art exhibitions. The café offers a selection of delicious, healthy sandwiches and salads as well as a wide range of natural drinks, affogato, and a divine traditional cucumber and sekanjebin Syrup summer drink. Their blueberry ice-tea...
Deli Jan restaurant Traditional Persian Cuisine
No 15, next to the Afshar alley, Shabdiz st, Fereshteh
+98 2122649774
This newly opened restaurant offers a variety of traditional Iranian Kebabs.    
Fayazi St. (Fereshteh), Sam Center, 8th Floor
+98 2122653853
This amazing restaurant resembles a palace with individualized rooms you can reserve. The decor features original works by contemporary Iranian artists. The unique menu presents fusion persian traditional cuisine. Listed as one of Tehran's top 5 restaurants with predictably high prices, Divan's balcony has a sweeping view to the mountains. 
Dizi Azari
Vali-e Asr Ave, North of Rah Ahan Sq., No. 30
+98 2155376702
Traditional Persian
Established in 1948, this traditional teahouse is a landmark restaurant in Tehran and offers a delicious Dizi served in a pleasant environment. This unique restaurant has live music performances.
Dizi Sara Iranshahr
North Iranshahr St., Mousa Kalantari St., No. 52
+98 2188810008
Iranian traditional
Iranshahr Dizi Sara, Eating Dizi for lunch on Fridays has long been a favorite custom among Iranian families, but this dish can also be enjoyed on other days. Made from beef stock, chickpeas, tomato and potato, Dizi is seldom served in usual Iranian restaurants, but you can find it in Dizi Sara; With walls covered with traditional and beautiful pai...
Doner Garden
Ashkestanpour Jonubi, Andarzgou Blvd
+98 21 2269 0703
This newly opened Turkish restaurant offers the best Turkish Kebabs (Doner) in the city.
Eastern Palace
Africa Blvd, Zafar Ave,No299.
+98 2188885456
Middle Eastern
Eastern Palace Restaurant offers you an Oriental dishes prepared for you by an international head chef. you can enjoy your meal in a palace.
Fereshteh Ave, Bosnia Ave, No13.
+98 2122394251
Cake shop
With two branches at north of Tehran they are well known confictionary.
Shahrak Qods, Darya Blvd., Sa
+98 2188376216
This restaurant offers a variety of dishes but it is most famous for its steaks, which come with mouthwatering sauces.
Vali-asr Ave, between Enghelab and Taleghani St, Bozorgmehr St, Baradaran Mozafar St.
+98 2166956508
Cafe Restaurant
This small industrial looking café is located in downtown Tehran and offers fabulous Café food and great quality coffee.  Exposed pipes on the ceiling, cement walls, wooden furniture and a library on top of the coffee bar gives this café a unique charm.
Valiasr Ave., Esfandiar Blvd., No 26
+98 2188650727
This two-story restaurant has open-air seating. The restaurant offers a variety of Persian, international and seafood dishes. There are live music performances as well.
Fardis ( Swiss )
Ferdowsi Sq, Forsat Ave, Araye Alley
+98 2188828516
Fardis Restaurant (Swiss Restaurant) with its signiture menu and amazing plates has many loyal customers.
Haft-e Tir Sq., Karim Khan Ave.,Sanaii St., No. 19
+98 2188303078, 2188305602
An Italian restaurant, which honors Italian director Federico Fellini and has been decorated with film posters and cinematography equipment. The restaurant has a famous lasagna and chocolate soufflé. Staff speaks English.
Ferdows Garden
Sattar Khan Ave, Opposite of Bagher Khan Ave,No170.
+98 2166551234
You will enjoy your food in Traditional Iranian Designed Restaurant with live music and open salad bar.
France Pastry
Enghelab St. Next to Aboureihan St.
+98 2166403526
France Pastry and Cafe
This authentic pastry shop is located on Enghelab street and has a fabulous coffee bar. You can enjoy having your favorite cup of coffee while you shop from a selection of traditional Iranian sweets, nuts, dried fruits and your typical pastry shop options. The ambiance is very artist oriented as it is pretty close to Tehran art institute and the wi...
Saadat Abad Ave, Kaj Sq., 5th Alley,No 43.1
+98 2122137020
Italian Menu with a cozy and friendly environment.
Hakim Azam St.Parc de Prince,No 15
+98 2188030404
Gilac Gilac is a small, cozy restaurant located under the Park o Prince towers that offers a unique combination of a European atmosphere and tasty Gilaci dishes. Gilaci food is the cuisine of the western province of the Caspian Sea, Gilan, which is known for having a variety of vegetarian dishes and sea food with a distinctive flavor of the nort...
2nd floor, Mediterain Complex,Saba Blvd, Africa Blvd.
+98 2122040324
  You can enjoy Gilaki plates here wich is Northern Iranian recipes such as Mirza Ghasemi, Bourani, Stuffed Olives and etc... Its better if you call and reserve your table specialy on weekends. 
Niyavaran Ave, Serah-e-Yaser
+98 2122745090-22745091
North Iranian Local Meals with an amazing taste.
Gilas Garden
Velenjak, Daneshjoo Blvd, No. 11
+98 2122420042
This restaurant offers a selection of Persian and international dishes.
Pasdaran, Amir Ebrahimi St., Boustan 4, Corner of Langaran, No. 13
+98 2144266600
This restaurant offers a selection of international dishes in a family-friendly environment. The restaurant has natural drinks according to season.
Golden Dragon
Qheitarieh Ave, Pol-e-Rumi St, Shariati Ave.
+98 2122219036
Established on 1968 its the best Chinese Restaurant in Tehran. We highly recommend spring rolls and noodles.
Pasdaran, Across from Golestan 6, No. 364
+98 2122541335
The restaurant offers kebab and along with special Azeri Advieh Polo (spice rice).
Graph 2
Mohatahri Ave, Ghaem Magham St, North kheradmand St, NO.121.
+98 2188824253
Motahari Graph coffee shop is a fabulous café located in downtown Tehran on Motahari Ave.  This café has concrete exterior and an industrial look and feeling and simple decoration inside. This café is designed with a lot of cement, exposed pipes, woodwork and a glass counter and stool sitting. Graph serves great coffee and delicious café food.
Gumbi Burger
Gheitarieh Blvd,North Kaveh Blvd,corner of gheytarieh Alley,No47.
+98 2122399700
Gumbi Fast Food opened 2012 and so far they have 3 branches in Tehran. Their mini burgers and mini hot dogs are popular.
Hani Parse
Abbas Abad Ave, Vozara St, Azadi Cinema Complex, 10th Floor.
+98 2188717817
Honey Express Restaurant Located at top floor of Azadi Cinema you can enjoy the view of Tehran.
Niyavaran Ave, Jamshidieh St., Corner of 9th Alley.
+98 2126450952
Hermo Cafe Restaurant offers mediterranean menu with beautiful Terrace view. 
Shariati St, Beginning of Zafar, No. 18
+98 2126409757
This cafe offers a host of light snacks and meals, and home made cakes. Its is famous for its Penne Alfredo and grilled turkey sandwiches. The laid back, comfy atmosphere is a great setting to experience a hooka with exotic new flavors. Prices are moderate. Hooka has tasty natural drinks and mocktails. Wi-Fi and board games are available for patron...
Apadana St. (Golshan St.)
+98 2188741388
Sandwich Place
This restaurant is famous for its thick and thin Burgers and we recommend Roast beef aswell.
Ilio café
Elahiyeh Ave., Africa Blvd., Modern Elahiyeh Center, Ground Floor.
+98 2122661530-22661499
Ilio Cafe offers variety of Cofee and deserts with amazing sandwiches and amazing chocolate shop
Next to the 10th, Kaj st, Salmas sq, Yousefabad
+98 2188359547
Insomnia is a friendly Cafe, where you will enjoy the music and artistic design.
Iranshahr Cafe Gallery
Taleghani St., Iranshahr St., Iranshahr park, Iranshahr Theater .
+98 2188349365
Cafe Gallery: Located directly above the theater in Honarmandan Park in downtown, it has a smoking section on the balcony where you can enjoy the view of the park. The menu includes cuisine from different countries and brunch menu offers Special, Classic and French. The restaurant is frequented by famous Iranian actors and artists who take part i...
Lalehzar Ave, Jomhouri St., Manouchehri St., Pirnia 2nd Alley, Marjan Complex.
+98 2133992128
You can enjoy your food sitting down in a balcony facing historical Moshir-o-Dowleh building and its beautiful garden,From traditional drinks to sandwiches, they serve variety of plates here.
Japanese (Koohestan Club)
Niavaran, Yaser St., Ahmad Khalili St., Koohestan Complex
Set in a part of Tehran close to the mountains, some say Koohestan club’s Japanese restaurant serves the best sushi in Tehran. The restaurant has an outdoor sitting area and offers natural drinks with meals.
Jegari Soltan
Shariati Ave, Gholhak, Shahid Basiri Alley.
+98 2122006969
Liver Bbq on coal is one of Iranians favourite meals and Soltan is a famous place fr fresh livers with hot bread
Jo Grilled Food
Falahi St. (Zafaranieh), Bamic Shopping Center, No. 2
+98 2122179008
This restaurant offers a variety of healthy grilled dishes. We recommend the steak with Pesto sauce and chicken curry. The restaurant offers natural drinks and has a famous pomegranate and orange mix. The restaurant has Wi-Fi and staff speaks English.
Tajrish Sq.
+98 2122709808
Its Iranian KFC, Its one of the first to serve fried Chiken in Iran.
Ferteshteh Ave, Agha Bozorgi St., Parsa St, Afra Tower.
+98 2122391707
Iranian dishes in a modern luxury restaurant.
Vanak Sq, North Shiraz St, Zayandeh rood St, Park Prince
+98 2188063236
Kase has a comfortable homey setting with windows overlooking the garden and green areas and authentic Iranian tile flooring. Kase means bowl in Farsi and most of the delicious meals in this restaurants are served to you in interesting looking different size bowls. The menu is extensive and the food has adapted many different spices and cuisines an...
No 26, Lily Alley, Khodami Ave, Vanak Sq.
+98 2188888222
Japanese Restaurant with amazing Sushi and Sea food plates.
Molavi intersection, Saheb Jam St, Amin-al-Saltaneh Sq, Khanat Caravansary
+98 2133128141
Located in a historical Caravansary in Tehran with a beautiful architecture and fantastic traditional Iranian menu they also serve a great steak plate.
Khaneh Kochak
West Fatemi Ave, North Sindokht St., Corner of Adl Alley.
+98 2166433600
Opened in 1980 they serve all kinds of Iranian and International Cousins and they have 3 branches in Tehran today
Vanak Ave. Khoddami St, Aftab St, Aftab shopping center. #8
+98 2188601120
Khanjoon is a charming, cozy restaurant located under the Aftab towers and is decorated as a village home of North of Iran. You enjoy a northern village ambiance and listening to folklore music while eating home made food from Gilan province and delicious starters from Azerbaijan and great Dizzy (local meat stew). It would be wise to book in advanc...
Khatoun Restaurant
Jomhouri St., Istanbol crossroads, No. 482
This unique traditional restaurant located in the old texture of Tehran has been around for 30 years. The restaurant serves dizi and a variety of other Iranian dishes including a delightful Fesenjoon (walnut stew) in winter. The restaurant includes a traditional teahouse and a modern coffee shop. Staff speaks English.
Jahan Koudak Blvd, East Haqani Hwy, Shahidi St., Kaman dead end
+98 2143937
With cozy and warm decorations and quality food.
Saadi Ave, No510.
+98 2133902194
Located in south of Tehran a famous small restaurant.They serve North Iranian local food. 
Koohpaye Sq.
+98 2122707201
Located in the base of Darband Mountain they serve Kebab and hot breads here.
1st Floor, Paneez Tower, Gol khaneh Alley, North Africa Ave.
+98 2126208956
Lebanese / Turkish
Luxurious and great reception and service.
Kouh-e-Nour Ave,North Kamranieh Ave, Farmanieh St., Salehi Alley.
+98 2122687858
French and Italian Menu
No. 8, Green Complex, Next to Hemmat Exp. Way, South Shiraz St.
+98 2188058310
L’Entrecote The Entrecote of Tehran has a very similar setting and the same menu of the original Entrecote in Paris. The service is fast and efficient. It offers a very simple but high quality menu. For your steak you get to choose how well you want it cooked. It is served with the signature Entrecote sauce and fries and you’ll get to order the...
Lady Bird
Lashgarak Rd., Imam Ali Sq., On Fasham Rd.
+98 09123029437
One of our favourites Lady Bird has been there for 42 Years, They have their own signiture dish Steak plate also they have Iranian menu and open salad bar
Valiasr Ave, َacross from Zaferanieh St.
+98 2122717070
Lamzy: Lamzy is known for pizzas, pastas, exceptionally unique salads and other international dishes. It prides itself on its use of very fresh ingredients. Fresh juice and Wi-Fi are available. The restaurant is decorated with the works of prominent Iranian artist Reza Derakhshani. Dinners have the choice of two levels, overlooking Valiasr ( Iran's...
Pasdaran, Boustan 4, Corner of Paydar Fard Alley, No. 7
+98 2122773953
This Italian restaurant is famous for its Chateaubriand steak.
Lavender Patisserie
Vali-e-Asr Ave, Zafaranieh Ave, Moghadas Ardabili St,No19/2.
+98 2122176249
Pastry Shop
Lavander Confictionary with variety of delicious sweets has become one of the best confictionaries in Tehran
Leon (Aban Branch)
Karim Khan St., South Aban St., Varsho Crossroads
+98 2188904625, 2188930363-4
This Italian restaurant has been in business for decades. The Aban branch offers a scrumptious chocolate mousse.
Leon (Fereshteh Branch)
Fayazi St. (Fereshteh), Sam Center, 8th Floor
Leon ( Fereshteh branch): this Italian restaurant has been in business for decades. The Sam Center branch has a 'just right' Creme Brûlée. It's brunch is famous for its Halal bacon and pancakes. The restaurant has a relaxing ambiance and a balcony with a pleasant view. Prices are high end.   
Leon (Niavaran Branch)
Tajrish, Bahonar St., No. 406
+98 2122724400
This Italian restaurant has been in business for decades. The Niavaran Branch of Leon has a special chocolate tart dessert.
Lime Café
Fereshteh Center, Corner of Shabdiz Alley, Fereshteh Ave.
+98 2122009214
Cafe/ Restaurant
Laim Cafe Amazing variety of Coffee and you can enjoy it in a warm and luxirious environment.
Molla sadra Ave, South Shiraz St, Saman St, Saman Building.
+98 21 88038093
Limon restaurant is located under the Saman towers with large windows overlooking the beautiful gardens and the pool of the Saman complex . It’s a very well decorated larger restaurant with modern design that is located in a quiet peaceful and exclusive setting of the Saman complex and offers some tables with outdoor sitting that could be very plea...
loghmeh pich
Feyziyeh St.,Niyavaran St.
+98 2122713153
Home made sandwiches with free delivery we recommend BBQ Burger and Kotlet sandwiches.
Lorca Cafe
Felestin Square, Bozorgmehr St, Cafe Lorka.
+98 2166957429
Cafe Restaurant
This two stories,  high ceiling,  bright lively café is located on Felestin Avenue near the art university with an artist, student oriented ambiance. The decoration Is simple and modern and you see a lot concrete, natural wood and white colors. You’ll get to enjoy some fabulous photography and art pieces on the walls. The café food including a sele...
Shahrak-e-Gharb, Farahzadi Blvd, Ketab Sq., Kouhestan Ave,Sahra 6th Alley, Narges dd end,No6.
+98 2122096060
Open space restaurant and garden, offers Iranian traditional plates and if you are a smoker you can try Shishe (traditional device for smoking tobacco) 
Lucky Dragon
Highway kurdistan,iranshenasi St. A.S.P towers,No.53.
+98 2188052087
Lucky Dragon is located under the ASP towers. It is a very authentic Corean BBQ place and each table has a grill where you enjoy grilling your own food. The quality is pretty high and the prices are midrange and the decoration is very authentic with a lot of Gold and red decoration with pictures of dragons and other authentic Asian drawings on the...
Luna Lounge
A.S.P Towers,Block A
+98 2188068107
Cafe Restaurant
 Luna café is conveniently located under the ASP towers where you can enjoy fun shops and cafes before or after your meal. Parking is available in the complex, however there is a few minutes walk to get to the restaurant and it can be a bit confusing to find places. The staff is really friendly here and space is pretty modern and bright with a lot...
Lux E Talaee
Valiasr St.
+98 2122041654
One of oldest Luxury Kebab Restaurants in Tehran.
Jamaran Street,Next to Maskan Bank Bahonar Ave
+98 02126126906
Middle Eastern and Hookah Bar
Traditional Iranian Restaurant you can enjoy Iranian Plates home made style and if you are a smoker you can try Shishe (traditional device for smoking tobacco)
Mahi Mahi
NO 29,South Sheikh Bahai St.,Mollasadra St.,Vanak Sq.
+98 2188035444
Located in the four-star Taj Mahal Hotel in Tehran, this restaurant serves a variety of tasty Caspian dishes including Sour Kebab. Mahi Mahi has several seafood options on its menu. 
Shariati St, Sadr Bridge, Soheil Ave,Alimohamadi Alley,No6.
+98 2122246769
Iranian Traditional plates served on copper trays.popular place among teens.  
Mansour Ice cream
Vanak Sq.,Molasadra Ave,Corner of Shiraz and Molasadra.
+98 2188044914
Ice Cream Shop
Mansour is an old ice creame shop in Tehran they make Traditional Iranian ice creams with a touch of Zafron, these ice creams are delicious.
Master Burger
Next to Sadaf Bazzar, Aghdasieh.
+98 2122280498
Cozy and friendly fast food with great burgers.
Melal Tabiat Bridge
Vanak Sq, Ab-o-Atash Park, Tabiat (Nature) Bridge.
+98 2188194702
 Open space view of Tehran and open Boufet and variety of international plates.
Vali-e-Asr Ave, Bahonar Sq.
+98 2126151419
One of the best restaurants in Tehran with amazing plates and well mannered staff and service.
Milano Restaurant
Shriati St., Mirzapoor St., َAli Mohammadi St.
+98 2122210562
This family-friendly restaurant serves a variety of pasta and steak. The restaurant offers natural drinks with meals.
Minion Cafe
North Saadi Ave., Hedayat St., Opposite of Amir Alam Hospital No665.
+98 2177612493
Pastry Shop and Chocolate Shop
Cozy and warm with old Tehran decorations they serve Coffe and hand made French style cookies.
Monsoon Lounge
2 No, 1st Floor, Goldan St, Africa Blvd.
+98 2122044813
Mansoon Restaurant Asian Cousine with live music. 
Moslem Restaurant
15 Khordad St., Sabzeh Meydan, Haj Rahim Khan Alley, No. 4
+98 2155899834
After a long, strenuous shopping spree at the Grand Bazaar, Moslem is a great place for traditional Persian dishes and a verity of kebabs. This always pact restaurant serves huge portions. And dishes are reasonably priced.  
80 No , Eifel Bldg, Sarve Gharbi, Saadat Abad.
+98 2122118090
One of the most famous and luxurious restaurants of Tehran with traditional menu.
Mr. Dizi
Vali-e-Asr Blvd, Opposite of Mellat Park, Sayeh Tower,1st floor,No11.
+98 2122027605
They offer variety of traditional Iranian Dizzi and they also deliver.
Naderi café
Jomhouri Ave, Corner of 30Tir and Istanbul St, No524.
+98 2166708610
café / Restaurant
Cafe Naderi is one of the oldest Cafeteria's of Tehran, It used to be the gathering spot for famous poets and writers in the old Tehran, We recommend Chateaubriand steak plate.
Niavaran St., Before Yaser intersection, No. 305
+98 212271 00 44
This popular pizzeria in Tehran is known for its special classic pizza.
12th Floor, Sarve Complex, Municipality Sq., West Sarve Ave, Saadat Abad.
+98 2122065353
Rated among top 10 restaurants in Tehran, Offers variety of international dishes with amazing view of capital.
Vanak Sq., Khodami Ave., Aftab St., Mahtab St., No24.
+98 2188616042
Narly is an Italian restaurant that specializes in pizza, pasta and fresh salads. The restaurant is on the pricy side but portions are relatively large. 
Nayeb (Delivery)
Shahid Bahonar Ave, Opposite of Jamaran St.
+98 2122833987
Nayeb Kitchen Take away service offers variety of Kebabs with hot bread and rice.
Nayeb (Elahiye)
Elahiye St.
+98 2126600400
their Kebabs are famous all over Iran. They have branches in almost all the cities in Iran.
Nayeb (Fasham)
Imam Khomaini Blvd.,Fasham
+98 2126501000
their Kebabs are famous all over Iran. They have branches in almost all the cities in Iran.
Nayeb (saadat abad)
Abrishma Complex, Kaj Sq., Sadat abad
+98 2122063613
their Kebabs are famous all over Iran. They have branches in almost all the cities in Iran.
Nayeb (Saei)
Valiasr St., No. 1030
+98 2188713474
their Kebabs are famous all over Iran. They have branches in almost all the cities in Iran.
Nayeb (vozara)
Vozara St.
+98 2188707272
their Kebabs are famous all over Iran. They have branches in almost all the cities in Iran.
Nayeb (Zaferaniye)
Valiasr St.
+98 2126211289
their Kebabs are famous all over Iran. They have branches in almost all the cities in Iran.
Niyavaran St, Mozhdeh St,No 425.
+98 2122700790
Noodle House
Variety of vegetarian noodles,shrimps,fish and pasta's on the menu here.
Nutella Bar
Kaveh Blvd., Andarzgou Blvd.,No144.
+98 2122392845
Dessert Shop
Nutella Bar is a new arrival in Iran market which is becoming more popular everyday with lots of branches openning they offer variety of smoothies and everything is with nutella on it ofcourse.
Orient cafe
Mofateh Ave, Darvazeh Dowlat.
+98 2188347810
Founded in 1942 by Armanian Iranian Family started as a bakery and later became famous with their biscuits.
Shriati St., Yazdanian St., South Sima St., No. 17
+98 2122261239
This Italian restaurant offers a range of finely cooked meals in a modern setting.
Parchak Cheese House
Gol Ave.Valiasr St.
+98 2188652255
You can find your chees here. They offer variety of Chees brands here.
Park Way
Fayazi St. (Fereshteh), Sam Center, 8th Floor
+98 2126212881
This Modern Asian Fusion restaurant is located on the 8th floor of the Sam Center. The restaurant offers a fabulous vibe and atmosphere with the combination of excellent choice of art works, outstanding view of the parkway bridge and a wide variety of delicious Asian food and great dish presentations. The Dim Sum is very authentic and highly recomm...
Pasta House
Pasdaran, Nobonyad, Langari St., Sanaye St., South Golzar St., East Ladan Alley, No. 21
+98 2122966340
This restaurant serves a selection of international dishes.
No17,North Allameh ave,Saadat Abad.
+98 2122096186
First branch opened in 2008 in the capital, with an international menu for variety of Pizza and Sandwiches Pelak has more than 13 branches in Tehran today.
Parkway, Chamran Expy., Velenjak
+98 2126203726
This fast food joint has pizza and a selected number of Mexican dishes. It is famous for its pepperoni pizza and taco.
Piaz Jafari
No27, Forouzan Ave, Dademan Blvd, Shahrak Gharb.
+98 2188093993
Sandwich Place
Family owned fast food with traditional Bolki bread(small white baguette bread) Sandwiches and soups with Iranian home recipes.
Pasdaran, Boustan 2, Majid Afshar St., South Rahmanian, No. 12
+98 2122300303
Pich offers patrons a taste of international delicacies from sushi and fried rice to pasta and French fries. Meals are served with natural or soft drinks. Board games and Wi-Fi are available.
Pizza Chaman
Niavaran St.
+98 2122825551
پیتزا چمن با تنوع و کیفیت بسیار مناسب میزبان شما میباشد.
Pizza House ( Karen )
Kordestan Hwy, 64 West, ASP Residential Towers, Ground Floor,No2.
+98 2188058008
Pizza House Restaurant Known for its variety of Pizza and Salads.
Pizza Pantry
Qaem Magham St.
+98 2188308384
They serve Mexican food and Pizzas and their Taco and Inchiladas are delicious.
Pizza Pasha
Jahantab St, Motahari Ave.
+98 2188742816
Located in city center Pasha is an old fast food with great pizza and sandwiches.
Prive Restaurant
Fayazi St. (Fereshteh), Sam Center, 8th Floor
This modern restaurant is located in the Sam Center. It boasts a french chef, who creates exceptional french dishes. The well-chosen art works and the memorable view provide a chic artistic setting. Open for brunch and dinner, it features an outstanding salad bar. The well trained staff ensures a most pleasant dinning experience. Prices are hi...
Karim Khan St., Mirza Shirazi St., Across from 3rd Alley, No. 30
+98 2188906383
The restaurant serves seafood and international dishes. The restaurant is famous for its Qalyeh mahi, which is a dish from Abadan. Staff speaks enough English to take orders.
Raftari Chelo Kebab
8th Floor, Tous Complex, South Allameh Ave, Saadat Abad.
+98 2188687752
One of the most famous Chelo Kebab Restaurants in Iran, Haj Ali Akbar Raftari founded the restaurant nearly 100 years ago.
Rashen Mongolian BBQ
Shahrak-e-Gharb, Iran Zamin Blvd, Golestan Complex,No229.
+98 2188577624
 Russian Mangolian BBQ menu.
Real Restaurant
Niyavaran Ave, Moghadasi Ave, Zamani St, Mahmoudi 2nd St,Corner of Gohar Alley.
+98 2122728224
Open space restaurant with french.italian and mexican food.
Reera Café & Restaurant
Enghelab Ave., Hafez St., Nofel Loshato St., Lolagar Alley.
+98 2166707646
Coffee/ Fast Food
Presentation and service are a high priority in this cozy café and restaurant. Reera serves a variety of delicious snacks, as well as tasty burgers, sandwiches and salads. The café has good coffee. 
Africa Blvd, Kajabadi St, No18.
+98 2122037963
 Is famous for their Kebab With hot breads ( Lavash bread ), fresh basil and fast service. Its one the few Kebab restaurants which does not serve rice. when you order, first you are greeted by hot breads and traditional chees as you wait for your main course. At weekends they do not accept reservation so its better to get there early.
Vli-e-Asr Ave, Zafaranieh St, Time Museum
+98 2122182951
Popular for their self service breakfasts in a beautiful open space inside the Time Museum they serve Italian Food.
Parkway, Javanan St., Corner of Alef St.
+98 2122019200
 Delicious Tendoori Chicken with variety of sauces with warm and cozy space.
Roberto Cafe
Pasdaran St,Second Boostan Alley,No4.
+98 2126701830
Roberto Cafe a modern cafe with variety of sandwiches and salads and tasty cofee.  
Saboos Bakery Café
Parkway, Javanan St, Corner of Alef St.
+98 2122015606
It's a favourit place to hangout and they serve awesome burgers.
Pasdaran St, Opposite of Negarestan 9th st,No 158.
+98 2122881620
With traditional Iranian menu you can enjoy your meal in a beautiful and luxury environment we highly recommend Akbar Joojeh plate for you.
Shahid Beheshti St., North Mofatteh St., Between Alley 6 and 8
+98 2188747975
This family-run restaurant has a 160-year history in Tabriz and a 60-year history in Tehran and serves authentic Tabriz cuisine. Shirin Polo (sweet rice with almond and orange peel slivers), Albalo polo (sour cherry rice) and Fesenjoon (walnut stew) are some of dishes on the menu. Kofteh Tabrizi orders must be placed a few days in advance. The rest...
Sales Book Café
Karim Khan Ave., Corner of Iranshahr and Mahshahr St., No150.
+98 2188325377
Coffee Shop
This book café serves cold and warm drinks and snacks. Patrons can bring their own books or barrow one from the café library. 
Sam Café
106 No, 1st Floor, Sam Center, Fereshteh St., Vali-e-Asr Ave.
+98 2122653842
Sam Cafe You can enjoy your coffee at a warm and cozy cafe with friends.
Sam Café Vanak
Aftab Center, Khodami Ave, Vanak Sq.
+98 2186092114
You can enjoy your coffee at a warm and cozy cafe with friends.
Fereshteh Ave, Opposite of Chenaran Alley,No34.
+98 2122052977
Italian pizza
small and cozy restaurant with Italian menu we rcommendroast beef sandwich.
Seven Stop
No 326, Opposite Petrol Station, Mofateh Ave, Motahari Ave.
+98 2188823693
Old fast food restaurant located in central part of tehran offers variety of pizza,sandwiches,wings and salads.
Ostad nejat-o-lahi Ave,Taleghani intersection,No90.
+98 2188922080
one of the oldest traditional restaurants in Tehran, you can enjoy variety of traditional foods here with live music.
Shabhay Sarv
Saadat Abad, Sarv Ave,No79.
+98 2122353985
Iranian Traditional dishes with live music
Tehran Grand Bazaar, Sabzeh Meydan, No. 824
+98 2155617879
One of the oldest restaurants, Shamshiri was established in 1962 in the Grand Bazaar. This restaurant has a variety of delicious Persian dishes.
Shanderman Restaurant
Valiasr Sq., Keshavarz Blvd., No. 55
This 42-year-old restaurant serves limited Iranian dishes as well as a variety of international and seafood dishes. The restaurant has a salad bar, serves natural drinks and delivers to nearby hotels. Piano is played during lunch and dinner hours, staff speaks English and Wi-Fi is available for patrons.
Saba Blvd., Africa Blvd.
+98 2122043755
Shandiz Restaurant The only branch of famous Shandiz Kebab Restaurant based in Mashhad City, Tehran Shandiz is a luxirious restaurant known for its Shishlik Kebab (Ribs). Its better to call ahead and reserve your table.  
Velenjak, Daneshjoo Blvd., Before Yasaman Sq.
+98 2122424282
This restaurant has a variety of Persian and international dishes. The restaurant has a salad bar.
Tehran Grand Bazaar, Next to Imam Mosque, No. 7
+98 2155620957
Established in 1938, this restaurant is a popular kebab place in the Grand Bazaar.
Shater Abbas
Parkway, Nouri Alley, No10.
+98 2122667761
One of oldest Kebab restaurants in Iran famous for their Kebab with hot breads.
Shemroon Kababsara
Tajrish Sq.
+98 2122746008
They offer all kinds of Iranian Kebabs with fresh herbs and hot bread.
Gheitarieh Blvd,Soleimani Ave,Khorasani St,Sepid Bldg,1st Floor.
+98 2122200515
Sea food Menu and steak plates are served here.
Shariati Ave,Corner of Baharshiraz and taleghani, hoseini nezhad Alley,No293.
+98 2177610027
Simorgh Restaurant offers Iranian traditional cousine.
Velenjak Ave, End of 13th St,No2.
+98 2122424087
Skyfall Restaurant serves variety of Italian Plates.
Shariati St., Before Qolhak intersection, No. 1330
+98 2122263939
Traditional Persian
This traditional restaurant has a unique atmosphere and offers delicious kebabs as well as other Persian dishes and snacks. The music has live music performances every night.
Velenjak Ave, Daneshjou Sq., Darakeh Sq.
+98 2122173705
Open space and garden restaurant with delicious Kebabs and hot breads, they have two brachs in Tehran.Make sure to call ahead for reservations. 
North Sohrevardi Ave, Khoramshahr St.,corner of firouzeh Alley,2nd floor
+98 2188538018
Estatira mediterranean
Estatira Restaurant serves mediterranean dishes with beautiful reception area.
Steak House
Pasdaran, Corner of Boustan 3, No. 217
+98 2122540553
This restaurant offers a variety of steaks and salads.
North Saadi Ave, Opposite of Manouchehri St, Mesbah Alley, No196.
+98 2136055130
Cozy and friendly restaurant, they offer variety of tasty Kebabs.
Sweet Bliss
Niyavaran Ave, Corner of Jamaran St., and gas station,No192.
+98 2122825016
Cake Shop
Sweet Blis Confictionary opened in 2001 are famous for their American style sweets and also their wedding cakes are popular.they have 4 branches in Tehran.
Tabakhi Bare sefid
Towhid Sq, Satar Khan Blvd.
+98 2166504012
One of Iranians favourite Breakfasts with alot of calories is sheeps head and other parts boiled and cooked in a traditional way. If you like to try it Brreh Sefid is one of the best in Tehran
Tabakhi Saba
Vli-e-Asr Ave, Opposite of Bagh Ferdows.
+98 2122748400
One of Iranians favourite Breakfasts with alot of calories is sheeps head and other parts boiled and cooked in a traditional way. If you like to try it Brreh Sefid is one of the best in Tehran.
Fajr Residential, Opposite of Enghelab Sports Complex, Niyayesh Hwy.
+98 2188062323
Persian Delivery
Iranian Cousine with delicious form of rice.  
Tahchin Bar
Mellat Tower, Opposite of Mellat Park, Vali-e-Asr Ave.
+98 2122026265
The Tahchin bar restaurant delivers tasty and modern food is open for lunch and dinner this delivery restaurant is located in valiasr street in heart of tehran. Includes a wide selection of traditional cuisine Along with this authentic style and ambiance, the kitchen is focussing on a variety of tahchin, the alchemy of Persian cuisine, from the dif...
Taj Mahal
NO 29,South Sheikh Bahai St.,Mollasadra St.,Vanak Sq.
+98 2188035444
Located in the four-star Taj Mahal Hotel in Tehran, this restaurant serves spicy and authentic Indian dishes prepared by an Indian chef. 
Tehran Burger
Niyavaran St,Yaser St,No281.
+98 2122755050
One of the busy Burger joints in Tehran, they offer all kinds of burgers on their menu.
Tehran Paris
Saadatabad, North Allameh St., Corner of 16th St.
+98 2122130221
This restaurant offers a variety of French and Persian dishes. Desserts are mainly French.
Imam Khomeini Sq, Ferdowsi Ave, Tabas Alley.
+98 2161016
Persian Traditional
Live Music, Traditional Iranian food and desing will take you back to old Iran.
Elahiyeh Ave, East Mariam Alley, No61.
+98 02122010519
Italian / Californian
Amazing food and beautiful design, attracks alot of customers.
Shahrak Qods, Dadman Blvd., Derakhti St., Hafezi St., No. 84
This Italian restaurant offers a variety of thin crust pizzas.
North Saadi Ave, Opposite of Manouchehri St, Mesbah Alley, No194
+98 2133984684
Persian dizi
One of the best Dizi Restaurants in Tehran with a modern design, they offer variety of Dizi on their menu.
Tomo Cucina Italiana
G Floor, Sam Center, Fayazzi st, Fereshteh.
+98 26212089
Tomo Cucina Italiana is Monsoon Group's newest member. This Italian Cafe' & restaurant which started its activity in january 2017, is the first of its kind in Tehran. You can experience the most authentic Italian Cuisine and also the most tasty and aromatic cofees here.
V café
Felestin Ave, Nayebi St.
+98 2166976041
Cozy and warm Cafe with quality service has made this place a popular Cafe.
Vadi Cafe
Eskan Complex, Valiasr St.
+98 2188198455
Cozy and quiet Cafe their Almond cakes are delicious.
Vanak star
Seoul St, VanakSt., Vanak Sq.
+98 2188042193
Asian Cousine Menu and amazing plates.
Vegetarian Restaurant of Iranian Artists Forum
Taleghani St., Iranshahr St., Iranshahr park, Iran Artists Forum
+98 2188310462
Khane Honarmandan: Built inside Honarmandan Park in downtown Tehran, this charming and quiet restaurant is a good choice for vegetarians and vegans as it serves the vegetarian version of a number of famous Iranian dishes such as Kebab or Ghormeh Sabzi. The menu also includes vegetarian pizzas and pastas. The restaurant is also popular for its sof...
Vicolo Cafe
Elahiei Blvd., North Afriva Ave, Modern Elahieh Complex, Royal Floor, No4.
+98 2126205966
Cafe / Restaurant
Vicolo Cafe located at Royal Floor of Modern Elahieh Complex with international menu and beautiful decorations.
Valiasr Ave., Across from Mellat Park
+98 2122011020
This restaurant has friendly staff and serves Persian dishes and seafood.
Zafaranieh St,Moghadas Ardabili Ave, Paladium Complex.
+98 2122663739
Ice Cream Shop
Yogoberry is a Brizilian style diet ice cream shop with 4 branches in Tehran. their ice creams base is yoghurt which is popular among Iranians.
Beheshti Ave, Sabounchi St, No17.
+98 2188741112
One of Tehran's oldest restaurants, They serve Iranian cousin also on the menu Seafood and steaks are delicious.
Apadana Ave, Niloufar St.
+98 2188769582
Sandwich Place
Small Armanian fast food with Bolki bread( white small beguett bread) sandwiches and very popular.