Fahadan St., Across from Alexander Prison
+98 3536300600
Traditional Persian
This traditional restaurant serves Persian dishes. Tea is available after meals. 
Qiam St., Lab Khandaq Alley
+98 3536229325
Persian/ Seafood
This restaurant has Persian, seafood and coffee shop menus. 
Aboozar Sq., Next to Suhrawardi Pharmacy, Sonbol St.
+98 3538265600
This restaurant offers a selection of pizzas, pastas, soups, steaks and salads. Natural drinks are available. 
Cafe Fooka
Masjed jame St.
+98 353620 8520
One of the famous restaurants in Yazd, both the location and the food is amazing here.
Caffe Nostalgia
Salman St.
+98 9128948560
Cozy and friendly Cafe-Restaurant in Yazd, you can enjoy diffrent traditional cuisins here.
Gol-e Sorkh Pizza
Ferdowsi Blvd., Qasemabad
+98 3538219010
This pizzeria offers a variety of pizzas and pastas.
Hotel Dad Restaurant
Shahid Beheshti Sq., 10th Farvardin St.
+98 3536229400
Traditional Persian
Dad is a modern restaurant, which offers traditional Persian dishes.
Khan- e Dohad Restaurant
Basij Blvd., Basij Crossroads
+98 3536270336
Persian/ Seafood/ Fast food
This restaurant has a variety of Persian, and seafood dishes as well as fast food alternatives.
Laleh International Restaurant
Basij Blvd., Laleh International Hotel
+98 3536225048
Located on the ground floor of Laleh International Hotel, this restaurant serves Persian and Indian dishes. 
Malek-o Tojjar
Amir Chakhmaq Sq., Qiam St., Panjeh Ali Bazaar
+98 3536224060
This restaurant serves traditional Persian dishes as well as dishes exclusive to Yazd. 
VaziriSt., Daneshgah Blv.
+98 3538266600
This fast food restaurant offers a variety of Turkish Kebabs along with Pizza and Burgers.
Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel Restaurant
Moshir Blv., Enghelab St.
+98 3535239760
Traditional Persian
Located in the four-star Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel, this restaurant stands out because of its traditional Persian decorations, delicate wall paintings and traditional pool (howz) and water fountains. The restaurant serves a variety of tasty Persian dishes. 
Moshir-ol Mamalek
Enghelab St., Moshir Blvd., Moshir-ol Mamalek Hotel
+98 3535239760
The family-friendly restaurant has a variety of Persian dishes. 
Mozafar Traditional Restaurant
Azadi Sq., Motahari St., Khalaf Bagh Alley, Mozaffar Traditional Hotel
+98 3536227783
Traditional Persian
Mozaffar is a traditional restaurant which serves Persian dishes on carpeted platforms.
Orient Hotel Restaurant
Imam Khomeini St., Jame Mosque St., 6th Alley,
+98 3536267783
Traditional Persian
This traditional restaurant serves a selection of Persian dishes. 
Parsian Hotel Restaurant
Jomhori Islami Blvd., Behind Afshar Hospital
+98 3535254111
This modern restaurant serves a variety of Persian and international dishes. 
Silk Road Hotel Restaurant
Jame Mosque St., Tal Khakestari Alley, No. 5
+98 3536252730
Persian /Indian
This traditional restaurant offers a selection of Persian dishes along with a variety of teas and natural drinks. 
Talar-e Yazd
Jomhori Blvd., After Seyyed Jafar
+98 3535252019
This traditional Persian restaurant is popular for its Kebabs. 
Tootfarangi Restaurant
Imamjafar Sadeq Blv.
+98 353628 2411
Contrast to the traditional design of this restaurant, the menu offers a variety of fast foods here.
Vali Hotel Restaurant
Imam Khomeini St., Vaali Traditional Hotel
+98 3536228053
Traditional Persian
Located in Vaali Traditional Hotel, this  restaurant serves Persian dishes in a relaxing environment accompanied by music. Food is served on carpeted sitting platforms.