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Hashilan Lagoon is located 30 kilometers northwest of Kermanshah city. With an area of 450 hectares, this lagoon has 110 small and large islands. The lagoon’s plant species include willow, hornwort, water lilies, duckweeds and pondweed. Fox, jackal, wild cats, wild goat, snake, turtle, levantine scraper, vimba, cyprinid, and ray-finned fish are some of the animals and fish species found in this area. Every year, migratory birds from the Caspian region flock to the lagoon to spend the winter there. Mallard, common teal, gadwall, little grebe, red-necked grebe, greylag goose, coot, moorhen, and common gull are some of the birds that migrate to this lagoon. Some years, birds like flamingo, pelican, swan, bittern, little bittern and water rail also migrate to Hashilan.

Hashilan Lagoon

  • Address

    30 kilometers northwest of Kermanshah