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The Brick Minaret of Khorramabad is a 30-meter cylindrical tower erected in the southern part of the city on top of a cubic platform made of stone. The entrance of the tower is located in the west. Considering its architecture, this tower appears to be of Dailamite origin and supposedly dates back to the 10th century. In the olden days, this tower was used to guide caravans and as a watchtower to protect the city. The girth of this tower is about 4.5 meters at the base and a series of 99 steps inside the structure lead up to its roof. The remains of stone and stucco structures around the tower suggest that there was once a caravanserai, mosque and other buildings around it. The Brick Minaret of Khorramabad was registered as National Heritage Site in 1997.

Brick Minaret

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    Khorramabad, Lorestan Province