Shiraz Grand Hotel

The five-star Shiraz Grand Hotel is located in the city considered the birthplace of Persian culture and arts. This 14-story hotel is situated near the historical Quran Gate and is within walking distance of many other tourist attractions.

The hotel accommodates guests with luxurious rooms, restaurants and coffee shops, laundry service, conference rooms and fitness facilities as well as a computer game room.

Quran Gate Sq.
+98 21 22 66 0192
Air Conditioning
Coffee Shop
Hair Salon
Meeting Hall
Photography studio
Safety Deposit Box
Shopping Service

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24h Booking Confirmation
24h Booking Confirmation

به نظر من یکی از بهترین هتل های 5 ستاره نه تنها شیراز بلکه کل ایران هست ،کارکنان هتل کاملا آموزش دیده هستند و برخوردشون خوب و مودبانه هست ،موقعیت هتل عالیه و به راحتی به مرکز شهر و نقاط دیدنی شهر دسترسی دارید ،صبحانه ها خوب بود و تنوع غذایی خوبی هم داشت و خدمات که به مسافران ارائه میشه دقیقا در سطح 5 ستاره هتل هست ،در کل هتل دارای استانداردهای بالای است .
Really nice hotel for business. the food is good. Rooms are cleans and really welcoming. Really near the city center.
stayed here during my business trip to Shiraz. its a wonderful luxurious hotel with great accommodation and services and if you are busy during your stay like i was you can just go out of hotel and stroll down the main street you can find many beautiful cozy cafe s around the corners and historical gardens and bldgs in the same street.
In hotel ham jash aliye ham otaghashg khyliii ba noore, va bozorge, karmandaye reception khylii mehraboonan, va khoob rahnamaie komaketon mikonan age baraye gasht dakhle shahr asashon soal beporsin
من 2 شب در این هتل اقامت داشتم و میتونم بگم یکی از بهترین هتلهای شیراز بود،برخورد پرسنل خیلی خوب بود ؛صبحانه دلپذیری داشت و به طور کلی هتل خوبی در شیراز هست
welcoming staff, always smiling, ready to help you, furniture is moderate but clean rooms, safe and secured. About the restaurant: fewer options and if crowded you may sit with others on the same table. the variety of food is little.
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Reza Roozi
I stayed there with my parents for 3 nights. It is supposed to be a 5star hotel, but its only 3... and they charge you a lot
یکی از بهترین هتل های شهر شیراز هست که فوق العاده هتل خوبی هست ، برخورد پرسنل بسیار خوب بود و باعث شد من از شهر قشنگ شیراز خاطره خوبی به همراه داشته باشم
Excellent location, well decorated and clean rooms. Totally recommended to anyone going to Shiraz