This adventure will take you to a desert oasis named Kashan, which shines like a pearl in the midst of the dry surrounding deserts and where the three wise men of Persia, who followed a shooting star to Bethlehem to witness the nativity of Jesus Christ, are said to have originated.

Here you will see human adaptation to the desert climate and the artistic approach Iranians have taken to home architecture. In May, when the annual Rose and Rosewater Festival is held you can visit rosewater distilleries and see the traditional extraction process practiced by generation after generation of the people of Kashan.

Day 1: Start your Kashan stay by visiting the bride of all traditional Persian homes the Tabatabaei and Boroujerdi Houses. The delicate decorations used in these Qajar homes will be sights difficult to forget.

Have a traditional Persian lunch on the carpeted platforms of one of the many exotic restaurants in Kashan.

See workshops where the 2,000-year-old art of zari bafi (weaving with a gold thread) is still thriving.

Day 2: Visit the ancient Sialk Mound (Tepe Sialk) where man first used a form of mortar in construction and where cloth weaving, spooling and casting were invented.

Take a tour of Fin Garden, one of the prime examples of the UNESCO registered Persian Garden, and let its Qajar and Safavid baths please your eyes.



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