Gav Khouni Swamp
Gav Khouni Swamp is located 167 kilometers southeast of Isfahan city. The swamp is home to migratory birds, making it a brilliant place for bird watching.
Kolah Qazi National Park
Kolah Qazi National Park is located 36 kilometers southeast of Isfahan city. The area was a private hunting ground for Safavid and Qajar kings. The park has 17 mammal, 44 bird species, 11 reptile and 1 amphibian species. Kolah Qazi Mountain is a popular hiking spot. 
Qamishlou National Park
Qamishlou National Park is located 45 kilometers southwest of Isfahan city. The park is believed to be the oldest protected area in the world as a Qajar prince declared the area off-limits for hunting and livestock grazing 150 years ago. The park is home to the Persian Gazelle and Isfahan Mouflon.