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Solomon’s Green City, City of the Courageous, Birthplace of Scholars, Home of Happiness, Home of Glory, Little Paris

The city of Boroujerd is located in Silakhor Plain, the largest flat land in Luristan Province, and is surrounded by the snowcapped peaks of Mount Garrin of the Zagros Mountain range on three sides.

Boroujerd borders Oshtorinan, Malayer and Nahavand in the north, Shazand in the east, Aleshtar in the west and Khorramabad and Doroud in the south.  Boroujerd is considered a strategic city as it connects Tehran to Khuzestan and Kermanshah to Isfahan. The city has mountain climate and experiences extremely cold winters and mild summers.

While Medians (678 -549 BC) used the lush lands of Boroujerd as pastures to produce and train horses, the city found military significance in the Parthian (247 BC–224 CE) era due to its location on the road to Ecbatana. Sassanids (226-651 CE) built a fire temple in Boroujerd and gave the city prominence.

During the Arab attack on Iran, the Persian army used Boroujerd Fortress as a stronghold. After the final battle between the Muslims and Persians in Nahavand northwest of Boroujerd, Yazdegerd III (624-651) retreated to Boroujerd castle to regroup with his men. Following the advent of Islam in Iran, the Muslim governor of the city rebuilt Boroujerd and constructed a Jame Mosque on the ruins of the city’s fire temple.

Historical accounts show that of all Iranian cities, Boroujerd has gone through the most name changes. The city was once named Orodekard after Parthian Kings Orodes I or Orodes II of Persia, Virugard after a Parthian prince named Vinu, Perozgard after Sassanid king Peroz I and even Barougard as it was where Yazdegerd III retreated following his defeat from the Muslims and where his soldiers ‘gathered around him. ’

Boroujerd is famed for its easy going people and scenic villages such as Goldasht, where some of the finest red apples in Iran are produced, and Vanai, Darreh Gorg, Qaleh hatam, where the Qaleh Hatam arch bridge is located, Chenarestan, Fial and Dehkord.

The city has several pilgrimage sites including Imamzadeh Jafar, Qassem and Shazdeh Abolhassan.


Solomon’s Green City, City of the Courageous, Birthplace of Scholars, Home of Happiness, Home of Glory, Little Paris

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    33°53′50″N 48°54′06″E

Top things to do:

Top foods to try:

  • Ash-e Maseva- A soup made with bulgur, chickpea, coriander, spinach, parsley and leek, decorated with whey and fried dry mint.
  • Ash-e Tarkhineh or Tarhana Soup- A thick soup made of tarhana, rice, wheat, leafy greens like spinach and Dough (sour tasting yogurt drink).
  • Goushtab- A stew made with minced meat, butter, tomato paste and leafy greens like tarragon, coriander and savory. This dish is usually served with an egg and bread.