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Bride of Iranian Cities

Known as the bride of Iranian cities, Ramsar is the westernmost city in Mazandaran, which borders the Caspian Sea in the north, Tonekabon in the east and Gilan Province in the west. The city, which connects the Caspian provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran, has Mediterranean climate with very hot summers and cool and humid winters.

Locals believe that the Pishdadi ruler Fereydoun, who liberated Iranians from the tyrannical rule of the serpent King Zahhak with the help of Kaveh the blacksmith, spent the final days of his life in this city. The Pishdadian are considered the first Aryan dynasty, which have been mentioned in Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh (Book of Kings) and Persian mythology.

In the past, the city was named Sakht Sar (stubborn) as it withstood the incursions of all aggressors from Alexander of Macedonia to the Arabs and Mongols and was never conquered.  It is said that Arab commanders would seek volunteers from among the ranks to fight the courageous people of this city. The city’s name was changed to Ramsar (tame) in 1935.

One of the greenest cities of Mazandaran Province, Ramsar is a popular sea resort for Iranians, offering visitors hot springs, a view of the green forests of the Alborz Mountains, access to the Caspian coast, and the ancient ruins of Markouh Castle. The hot mineral springs located at the heart of this city have therapeutic properties and are said to benefit those suffering from rheumatism, skin disorders and joint pain. Javaher Deh Village is one of the popular natural attractions of the city.

The city was also a vacation spot for the Pahlavis (1925-1979), who built a single-story marble palace in the city, which has since been turned into the Caspian Museum. One of the main attractions of the city is the Ramsar Old Hotel, which is often used as a film location, due to its unique Art Deco design. This 80-year-old hotel has a beautiful view of the Caspian Sea.

One of the notable figures of the city is international footballer Mohammad Reza Khalatbari (1983).


Bride of Iranian Cities

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    36°54′11″N 50°39′30″E

Top things to do: 

Top foods to try: 

  • Badenjan Kabab or Eggplant Kebab – A stew consisting of eggplant, pomogranite paste, walnut and green herbs served with sticky Caspian rice (Kateh).
  • Loubia Qatouq – A stew consisting of beans, dill, tomato, garlic and eggs served with sticky Caspian rice or bread.
  • Khoresh Esfenaj or Spinach Stew – A stew made of fresh spinach, garlic, and tomatoes served with an egg on top and sticky Caspian rice.