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Land of Palm Trees and Sunshine

Borazjan is a city in the Dashtesatan county of Bushehr Province which is located 60 kilometers from the city of Bushehr. The city, the second most populated in Bushehr Province, borders Ganaveh in the north, Bushehr in the west, Tangestan in the south and Fars Province in the east. The city has dry and warm climate, and experiences extremely hot summers but mild and pleasant winters.

Borazjan, which is believed to mean ‘city of nobles,’ was once one of the important cultural centers of the Achaemenid Empire (550-330 BC). The remains of the three Achaemenid palaces scattered around the city namely Charkhab or the Winter Palace of Cyrus the Great (576-530 BC), Sang-e Siah (Black Stone) and Bardak-e Siah or the Palace of Darius the Great (550-486 BC) tell of Borazjan’s important position in the past.

There is also an Achaemenid crypt in the area known as Gour Dokhtar (also spelled Goor Dokhtar), which resembles the tomb of Cyrus the Great in Pasargadae but has been built on a much smaller scale, where the mother, daughter, sister or an ancestor of Cyrus is believed to have been buried.

One of the main attractions of the city is the Qajar era (1785–1925) Moshir-ol-Molk Caravanserai or the Borazjan Fortress, which was originally an inn but converted into a prison for four decades before undergoing renovation as a historical site. Scholar and politician Yadollah Sahabi (1905-2002), the first Iranian Prime Minister after the 1979 Revolution Mehdi Bazargan (1908-1995), and scholar Seyyed Mohammad Mehdi jafari (1939) are among the prominent revolutionary figures jailed in this fortress during the Pahlavi era (1925-1979).

Borazjan is famous for its many date palm orchards and produces a large percentage of the country’s top quality dates. The city is also known for its many thermal springs such as Dalki and Khaneek which are said to have therapeutic properties for treating various skin diseases.


Land of Palm Trees and Sunshine

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    29°16′N 51°13′E

Top things to do:

Top foods to try:

  • Dal Adas- A lentil stew made with crushed garlic, onion, potato and tomato paste served with bread.
  • Qalieh Mahi- A spicy, sour stew made with fish and herbs like cilantro, fenugreek and garlic, simmered to perfection in red pepper and tamarind sauce.
  • Odaghak- A creamy and delicious tamarind-flavored onion and fenugreek soup served with bread.