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Four-month Heaven, Little India

Located 230 kilometers south of the city of Kerman, Jiroft is a lush fertile plain that has come to be known as ‘Little India.’ Jiroft borders Kerman in the north, Anbar Abad in the south, Bam on the east and the cities of Baft and Rabar in the west. The city has varying climate with temperatures between 50 degrees centigrade in the summer and 30 degrees below zero in winters. 

Regarding the name of the city, some say the word Jiroft means ‘lowland plain’ and other believe it means ‘gone with water’ as a huge flood destroyed the city  1,000 years ago when Halil River overflowed.

The history of settlement in the city, however, dates back to 5,000 years ago when a Bronze Age civilization, which has come to be known as the Jiroft Civilization, inhabited the area.  Traces of this civilization have been found at the Twin Konar Sandal Mounds where archeologists uncovered clay tablets with geometric shapes that they believe is the origin of the Elamite writing system as well as a Ziggurat-like temple. Archeologists say further studies of Konar Sandal artifacts will reveal Jiroft and not Mesopotamia as the birthplace of the oldest civilization of the Eastern World.

Jiroft later became a flourishing city in the Seljuq (1038-1118) era. The ruins of the Old City of Jiroft known as Daqyanous have yielded ceramic artifacts and potshards that shed light on the evolution of pottery during the Islamic era.

Jiroft is close to two mountains, the 3,741-meter Mount Alam Shah, 60 kilometers east of the city, and the 4,048-meter Mount Sarmeshk, 105 kilometers northwest of the city, which are both popular hiking destinations. 

Another one of the popular destinations in Jiroft is Dalfard, a village famous for growing both warm and cold climate trees such as citrus trees and date palms as well as walnut, cherry and apricot trees. The 10-meter Dalfard Waterfall is located just outside this scenic village.

Esfandaqeh rural district is another popular Yaylak (summer highland pasture) loved for its pleasant climate and scenic beauty as well as its highly coveted Esfandaqeh Rose carpet.

Jiroft is also a farming town and one of the top producers of oranges, dates, strawberries, watermelon, potato, tomato, wheat, corn and barley in the country. Jiroft is home to a rare bird species from the pheasant family known as the Jiroft bird as well as the Asian black bear and Mouflon.


Four-month Heaven, Little India

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    28°40′41″N 57°44′26″E

Top things to do:

Top foods to try:

  • Changmal- A buttery dessert made with dates, crushed walnut, cardamom, and cinnamon.
  • Ash-e Gandom Sheer - A thick wheat soup made consisting of chickpea, meat and whey with an assortment of spices such as ginger, fennel seeds, turmeric and pepper. This soup is particularly popular in Ramadan.
  • Roghan Jooshi- A traditional bread made with a mixture of coriander, fennel, poppy, fenugreek and caraway seeds, coated with turmeric.