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One of the greenest cities in Mazandaran Province, Chalous is the city known for its temperate weather, lush landscape and lively coast. The city neighbors Nowshahr in the east, Tonekabon in the west and Tehran Province in the south. Chalous has temperate weather and is not too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter.

Chalous Road also known as ‘Road 59’ or the 'Kandovan Road’ is one of the most important, busy and scenic roads. This road, which was built during the reign of the founder of the Pahlavi dynasty Reza Shah (1878-1944), goes around the Alborz Mountain. Legend has it that as building this road was a difficult task at such a high altitude workers were paid per pickaxe stroke. Reza Shah also had workers dig the Kandovan Tunnel in the heart of the Alborz Mountain. This 1883-meter-long tunnel which is located 3030 meters above ground and connects the dry parts of the country to its the green northern regions, was unveiled by Reza Shah in 1938.

Since its inauguration scores of rest stops, hotels and roadside restaurants have sprung up along this road, which is traveled by countless Iranians every week to reach the popular attractions in the northern Caspian provinces.   The scenic road from Abbas Abad to Kelar Dasht is also a famous and well-traveled route.

One of the major attractions of Chalous is the Namak Abrood Tourist Town. Sprawling over an area of 650 hectares, this town includes two remarkably attractive forest parks named Banafsheh and Shemshad, which predominantly have box trees. The dense Madoban forest south of this tourist town has created a beautiful landscape for visitors who often enjoy its sea of green from above the town’s cable car.

The Namak Abrood Cable Car, which reaches an elevation of 700 meters above sea level and offers a unique view of Mazandaran and its surrounding mountains, is extremely popular among tourists.

Namak Abrood Tourist Town has an amusement park, restaurants, juice shops and souvenir shops for the convenience of the many visitors who flock to the town to enjoy its recreational attractions.

Other natural attractions of the city include the Chalous beach, Chalous River and the Fin Forest Park



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