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City of Orange Blossoms

Located between the northern slopes of the Alborz Mountains and southern coast of the Caspian Sea, Babol is famous for its orange groves and has been nicknamed the City of Orange Blossoms. Babol borders Babolsar in the north, Qaemshahr in the east, and Amol in the west. The city has Mediterranean climate and experiences extremely hot and humid summers and cool and humid winters.

While according to some accounts the city was originally named Din Tir and mentioned in the inscriptions of Cyrus the Great (576-530 BC), other accounts state that the city of Babol was built in the 16th century on the ruins of an ancient city named Mamtir.

Mamtir was a city dedicated to Mithra, the Persian deity of light. Mithra or the 'The Mediator' was believed to be the savior of creation from the threat of darkness and the one who stands between the light of Ahura-Mazda and the darkness of Ahriman.

The city was later named Barforoush, which literally means market town. In 1931, the founder of the Pahlavi Dynasty Reza Shah (1878-1944) ordered urban planning efforts to commence in the city and changed its name to Babol, which means city with abundant water supply.

During World War II, Babol, which served as the administrative and judicial center of Mazandaran Province, fell under Soviet occupation.

The city has four rivers namely Babolroud, Sajero, Kelaroud and Aqaroud, which are popular tourist attractions and where many of the townspeople spend time.  Babol is also known for its lush nature and intact forests including Bobolkenar, Shiadeh and Narenjlou.

Some of the famous figures hailing from Babol include 17th century poet Amir Pazevari, cleric Ali Asghar Mazandarani (1826-1911), philanthropist Hossein Fallah Noshirvani (1902-1972), singer Delkash (1924-2004), writer and Shanameh Expert Shahrokh Meskoob (1924-2005), Heuristic painter Mokarrameh Qanbari (1928-2005), wrestler Emam-Ali Habibi (1931), wrestler Abdollah Movahed (1940) and wrestler Bashir Babajanzadeh (1989).


City of Orange Blossoms

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    36°33′05″N 52°40′44″E

Top things to do: 

Top foods to try: 

  •  Naz Khatoun- A dip made of grilled eggplant, garlic, grape verjuice, and angelica powder. This dish is served with lentil rice and fried eggs.    
  • Changele Torshi-  A stew consisting of herbs, lima beans, beat, lentil, garlic and verjuice, spiced with pepper and turmeric.
  • Shami Baboli or Babol Cutlet- A cutlet made of herbs, minced lamb, split pea and eggs served with bread.