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City of Caravanserais and Gardens

This city of Mahan is located in southeastern Iran in Kerman Province.  Mahan is only 35 kilometers from the provincial capital of Kerman and is the center of Mahan district. Because of its proximity to Kerman, Mahan experiences similar climate to Kerman and has hot summers and winters with cold night temperatures.

Mahan is believed to have been named after the Persian general Adarmahan, who led the troops of Anushirawan the Just ( 496-579) on the western frontier of the Sassanid Empire (226-651 CE) against the forces of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine) (330 – 1204) during the Byzantine–Sassanid War of 572–591.

Mahan is known as the city of gardens and caravanserais and is famed for its UNESCO registered Bagh-e Shazdeh or Shazdeh Garden, which means Prince’s Garden in the Persian language. The garden was built in the late Qajar (1785-1925) era by the then governor of Kerman just outside Mahan.  

This lush garden is filled with fruit, shade and windbreak trees and has a mansion and a bathhouse.  The water for this garden is provided from the heights of the nearby Tigran Valley, which is also one of the popular tourist destinations in the area.

The city’s Shah Nimatullah Vali Mausoleum complex, which includes several courtyards and a mosque, is the tomb of a 15th century Sufi master, mystic and poet that attracts countless visitors every year.

The Shotor Galoo House in Mahan is a Qajar structure in Mahan, unique in its decorations and lavish pool house (Howz Khaneh) that appears to produce the sound of a caravan and its camels passing by when water flows through its fountain. 

With its many natural attractions ranging from a waterfall, a spring, a tree-filled gorge with tall stone walls and a long winding river, Sekonj Village outside of Mahan on the road to Kerman is a popular destination among locals and visitors where they enjoy spending time in nature.

Mahan is considered the producer of the best grape in Kerman and has many pomegranate orchards. 


City of Caravanserais and Gardens

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Top foods to try:

  • Boz Ghormeh- A thick lamb soup made with chickpea, garlic, onion and whey, decorated with fried mint.
  • Kash va Bademjan- An eggplant dish decorated with fried mint and garlic and served with whey and bread.