Bakhtegan National Park
Fars Province
Bakhtegan National Park is the area surrounding Bakhtegan salt lake. The area is home to flamingos, Eurasian crane and various other bird species. 
Bamoo National Park
Bamoo National Park, Fars Province
Located north of Shiraz city, Bamoo National Park is a protected area home to 32 different mammal,  91 bird species,  19 reptile and three different amphibian species, some of which are considered endangered or on the verge of extinction. Bamoo has over 300 plant species. The park is home to the Persian Gazelle, Persian Brown Bear, Golden Eagle and...
Cradle of Sight
Opposite of Quran Gate
Cradle of Sight (Gahvareh Deed), also known as the Azod Dome, is a Dailamite structure and a National Heritage Site, which overlooks the city of Shiraz. The area the structure has been turned into a park frequented by locals. 
Eram Garden
Fars Province, Shiraz, District 1, Eram St
+98 71 3227 2538
Eram Garden is famed for its palm trees, flower beds and fountains. Eram, which means Eden, is an example of the UNESCO registered Persian Garden. 
Maharloo Lake
27 km southeast of Shiraz
Maharloo Lake , also known as Daryache-ye-Namak is a seasonal salt lake in the highlands of Shiraz. 27.0 km southeast of Shiraz, the lake salt is rich in potassium and other salts. Rudkhane-ye-Khoshk, a seasonal river flowing through the city of Shiraz, brings most of the flood water to the lake bed during intensive precipitation event...
Margoun Waterfall
Fars Province
Margoun, which means snake like in the Persian language, is a waterfall located 130 kilometers outside of Shiraz on the road to Sepidan.  This 60-meter-hight and 90-meter-wide waterfall has an elevation of over 2,200 meters. Margoun is a great place for mountain climbing, rock climbing, camping and landscape photography.
Pooladkaf Ski Resort
Fars Province, Ardekan-Yasuj Rd
Located roughly 60 kilometers outside of Shiraz, Pouladkaf Ski Resort is the second international ski resort in Iran with a ski season from November to March.
Qalat Village
Derak Rural District, Fars Province
Qalat village is located 34 km from Shiraz. This village offers incredible landscapes as well as the Glory of Christ Church which was built between the two world wars and a public bath believed by local elders to have been graced by the renowned poet Sa'adi (1210-1290).
Tang-e-Bostanak, Behesht-e-Gomshode
Tang-e-Bostanak Protected Area, Fars Province
Behesht-e Gomshodeh or Tang-e Bostanak is an area in Fars Province famed for its green forests and waterfalls.  In the Persian language Behesht-e Gomshodeh means ‘Lost Paradise.’