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Jom’eh or Friday Mosque is a Seljuq era (1038-1118) structure that was a thriving mosque until the Safavid era (1501–1736). Archeologists have uncovered evidence of the larger mosque which once stood in place of this structure. They believe most of the original mosque was destroyed in an earthquake.  What remains today is a cubic structure that is believed to have been the dome chamber and iwan (a vaulted hall, walled on three sides and open on one side) of the original mosque.

The current Jom’eh Mosque consists of a minaret with an octagonal base and 5-meter cylindrical shaft with Seljuq era features, a wooden awning that rests on 9 wooden pillars, a wooden door with iron studs and an engraving. This simple brick structure has almost no tile decorations. Jom’eh Mosque is a registered National Heritage Site.  

Jom’eh Mosque

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