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This restaurant is well known for its fabulous Caspian white fish. The menu also consists of other popular Caspian dishes like Morq-e Torsh (Sour Chicken).


First of all there are two things on the menu that you must order when you go to this restaurant first one is the sour chicken which is called "morq e torsh" and the second one is white fish which has a fresh and mouth watering taste. the out door area is also nice to sit and have lunch specially if you go on may time.


great location , north of iran where you can breath better. we were 5 people and we ordered 5 different dish which ther were all great. i recomend the white fish here white rice. over all everything was fresh and great.


من سفارش ماهیچه و دوستم سفارش فسنجون داد که هر دو خوب بودند اما عالی نبودند و اینکه برخورد پرسنل خوب نیست و من خیلی راضی نبودم


  • Type

    Seafood/Caspian Cuisine

  • Address

    Imam Khomeini St., Corner of 6th Imam Khomeini St.