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Sultan Amir Ahmad or Qasemi Bathhouse is an 11th century public bath built during the Seljuq era (1180-1210). The bathhouse includes a changing room (sarbineh) with a small octagonal pool (Howz) in the center. The changing room (sarbineh) of Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse is famous for its intricate stucco and limestone reliefs as well as its colorful tilework. There are elevated platforms covered in Kashan rugs all around the changing room where customers once sat to rest. The bathhouse has a unique roof with multiple domes. The concave glass used to decorate each dome brought daylight into the bathhouse and prevented onlookers from seeing inside. An earthquake damaged the Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse during the Zand era (1750-1794). However, much of its stucco and limestone reliefs were later restored.

Sultan Amir Ahmad (Qasemi) Bathhouse

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    Alavi St