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The Semnan Museum of Archeology and Anthropology opened in 1994 in the 600-year-old Pahneh Bathhouse. The bathhouse, which was built in the Timurid era (1370–1507), presently showcases items from the 1st and 2nd millennia BC as well as the Islamic and modern eras.

Perhaps one of the most interesting items on display at the archeology section of this museum is a 4,000-year-old, intact skeleton of a pregnant woman found in Damghan’s Tepe Hissar excavations along with the items uncovered in her grave, which were buried with the corpse.

Another display contains grey clay vessels from the 2nd millennium BC found in Tepe Hissar excavations such as ritualistic items, bowls, chalices and etc. Vessels dating back to the 1st millennium BC found in Khatir Kouh region of Semnan are also on display in this section of the museum.

There are also displays showcasing items from the Islamic period including glazed vessels and artifacts found in different archeological sites in Semnan.  

The anthropology display of the museum includes jewelry belonging to the nomad women of Semnan Province, lighting devices, religious items, divination tools, lucky beads, smoking devices such as pipes, tobacco pouches, pipe handles and etc.

Semnan Museum of Archeology and Anthropology hosts periodical exhibitions. The museum has a small stand where souvenirs and cultural items can be purchased by visitors. 

Semnan Museum of Archeology and Anthropology

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