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Niayesh offers a limited number of home cooked meals along with a selection of teas, coffees and hookah.


This restaurant has nice ambience, Its good to have tea there


I will only have coffee here , unless i am spending all day in those allay . I like the fact it's very traditional but food was not good.


.غذاهای شیرازی رو من توی این رستوران خوردم کلم پلوی این رستوران عالیه و همچنین نوشیدنی هاش


nice place to sit and relax, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with friends.


it takes you back in time and you will enjoy your drink with friends and warm chats :))


Very low standards and bad quality


inja dg mesle ghabl keyfiat nadare, gheymatash khobe ama man nesbat be chand sal ghabl ke moghayese mikonam vaghan umade paeen hame chish


This place used to be much better last time I was here. Staff are still as friendly as ever.

Niayesh Restaurant & Coffee Shop

  • Type

    Coffee shop

  • Address

    Namazi St., Before Shah Cheragh ,Sang Siah Alley, Across from Bibi Dokhtaran