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Leon ( Fereshteh branch): this Italian restaurant has been in business for decades. The Sam Center branch has a 'just right' Creme Brûlée. It's brunch is famous for its Halal bacon and pancakes. The restaurant has a relaxing ambiance and a balcony with a pleasant view. Prices are high end.   


The restaurant is cosy and comfortable with a relaxed atmosphere. The food we had was well presented and very good. We had great service and our waiter had a lovely sense of humour!Great food, excellent levels of service.


اتفاق یکی از همکاران برای صرف شام به این رستوران رفتیم...فضای آرامش بخش داره من و اما حجم غذا در مقایسه با قیمت بسیار کم بود و اصلا راضی کننده نبود...اما اگر دنبال غذای خوب و با کیفیت و حجم و قیمت مناسب هستید من لیون رو توصیه نمی کنم


به نظرم رستوران گرونی بود اما خب دکور خیلی شیکی داره


This place is magnificent! You have got to try it!


Az hameye restaurant haye Saam Center zaeeftare! vaghean dele khoshi azashoon nadaram! :(

Leon (Fereshteh Branch)

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    Fayazi St. (Fereshteh), Sam Center, 8th Floor