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Cafe Naderi is one of the oldest Cafeteria's of Tehran, It used to be the gathering spot for famous poets and writers in the old Tehran, We recommend Chateaubriand steak plate.

hooman hejazy

historical and artistic cafe restaurant, i enjoy cordon blue plate when i get the chance to go there


when you enter this place its like you entered to a restaurant 50 years back in old Tehran most of waiters been there for a long time and it has been a place for our late poets to gather and discuss their ideas and books such as Sadegh Hedayat. food and service are still good here


I personally admire this restaurant for its high-quality Persian food and the discipline in this restaurant. I suggest here to everyone at least for one time.


Ghadima kheily bahaltar bod, harchand hanozam jazzabe! piremardhaye badakhlagh :))))


قهره های خوبی داره، فضای قدیمی و آروم، یکی از قدیمی ترین کافه های تهران که خیلی حس نوستالژی به آدم میده.


Beautiful old Cafe with a lot of history. coffee and chatting with friends is a tradition here.

Naderi café

  • Type

    café / Restaurant

  • Address

    Jomhouri Ave, Corner of 30Tir and Istanbul St, No524.