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Persian Wonders

5 days and 4 nights

A thrilling tour starting from Shiraz, the capital city of the ancient Achaemenid Empire, and ending in Isfahan, the capital of the Safavid Empire.

silk road safari

4 days and 3 nights

Follow the silk road and experience how Iranians have adapted to desert life for thousands of years.

adventure skiers

4 days and 3 nights

Abundant snow, high slopes, adventure and four days of fun await you! You will never experience skiing in the Middle East like this again!

achaemenid expedition

3 days and 2 nights

A tour of the cultural capital of Iran, where you will find the ruins the Achaemenid capital along with thriving Paradise gardens in a city renowned for its warm-hearted, hospitable people.

desert pearl, kashan

2 days and 1 night

In the pearl of Iranian deserts, Kashan, see historical homes and workshops where the 2,000-year-old art of Zari bafi (weaving with a gold thread) is still thriving.

shiraz ski tour

5 days and 4 nights

A ski vacation can be about much more than just marvelous slopes. Pouladkaf is merely minutes away from one of the most culturally rich cities of the world where you will find ancient ruins, beautiful gardens and more modern sites to see.


8 days and 7 nights

A magical journey through the capital city of the ancient Achaemenid Empire and the capital of the Muslim Safavid Empire, which will show you the development of Persian architecture throughout the millennia.

two days in tehran

2 days

Tehran is a city of lights; a city which brings together the traditional and modern. You can explore the more traditional side of this metropolitan, known as Tehran Qadim (old Tehran) and its modern side in two days.

desert bride, yazd

3 days and 2 nights

Travel to Yazd, a city with 3,000 years of history and one of the most important centers of Persian architecture and Zoroastrian Culture.

Backcountry Adventure

8 days and 7 nights

Take on a potentially active volcano named Damavand! With a peak of over 5,610 meters Damavand is the tallest summit of the Alborz Mountain range and the Middle East as well as the tallest volcano in Asia.

Desert Magic

8 days and 7 nights

A road trip through three of Iran’s most famous desert cities and an adventure that combines cultural excursion and desert safari to ensure an unforgettable experience.

12 Days of Desert Life

12 days and 11 nights

Travel to four thriving desert cities and the cultural capital of Iran and experience some of the best Iran has to offer.

Eight-day Excursion

8 days and 7 nights

An eight-day journey designed to let you experience as much of Iran as possible from the ancient to the modern.

10 Days of Iran

10 days and 9 nights

Visit three of Iran’s most famous capital cities in Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan and explore the most famous center of Zoroastrian culture in Yazd.

Two Weeks in Iran

15 days and 14 nights

A tour of 14 Iranian cities that will allow you to witness the rise and fall of civilizations and the legacy of empires lost.

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