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Persian Wonders

Even if you have already been to each of the seven wonders of the ancient world, you haven’t seen everything yet! Let us show you the wonders of the Persian Empire from the time of the Achaemenids to the Safavids.

You must visit Shiraz and Isfahan before you can truly say you have seen it all!  

Day 1 - Shiraz

Your adventure will begin in Shiraz! Visit the 18th century Vakil royal district, the tomb of Saadi, the bard whose poem graces the entrance to the Hall of Nations of the UN building in New York, and Hafezieh, the garden where the poet of love Hafez has been laid to rest. Enjoy a cup of aromatic orange blossom tea or rosewater scented ice-cream in Hafezieh while consulting Hafiz poems to see what the future may bring!

Day 2 - Shiraz

Go sightseeing in Shiraz! Discover the extravagant Qavam Mansion, Zinat ol-Molouk House, Eram Garden and the exquisite Pink Mosque before bidding the city farewell.

Day 3 - Shiraz

Head for Isfahan after a Persian breakfast and stop along the way to visit the ruins of one the most magnificent masonry works in the world which was created over a 150-year period. Although Persepolis was devastated by a fire, its surviving monuments and reliefs still tell of the glory of times gone by.

See the tomb of Cyrus the Great, who created one of the first Human Rights Charters known to man after freeing the Jews in 537 BC from captivity in Babylon, in Pasargadae.

Let the road take you to Naqsh-e Rostam where you will be left speechless by the four gargantuan tombs hewn out of a high cliff for Achaemenid Kings and the six massive rock reliefs created by the Sassanids to immortalize stories of their ascensions to the throne, coronations, victories, and portray the splendor of their courts. Let the unsolved mystery of the Cube of Zoroaster and its unexplained origin and function intrigue your mind.

Day 4 - Isfahan

Let the splendor of Naqsh-e Jahan Square and Shah and Sheikh Lutfollah Mosques, Ali Qapu Palace and Qeisarieh Bazaar leave you awestruck.

Stop for a rest in the traditional Rouzegar Café and have traditional Persian drinks and snacks or go for a carriage ride around this glorious Meydan (square).

Visit the Jame Mosque of Isfahan, which is the embodiment of the aesthetic tastes of Persian rulers for over 1,000 years. See the 11 bridges of Zayandeh Rood and don’t miss Si-o-se Pol and Khaju Bridge.

Day 5 - Isfahan

Explore Jolfa, the Armenian Quarter of Isfahan, and take a tour of its old churches and cathedral. Walk through Jolfa’s maze of cobblestoned streets and the inviting cafes situated around its old churches where you can enjoy a delicious lunch.

Visit Hasht Behesht (eight paradises) Palace and Chehel Sotoun (40 columns) Pavilion. 


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Persian Wonders

  • Highlights

    Discovering half of the world in Isfahan and seeing Shiraz, the cultural capital of Iran

  • Duration

    5 days and 4 nights

  • Price

    Depending on the number of travelers

  • Persons

    Minimum 2

  • Features
    • Airport pickup and drop-off
    • 5-star Accommodation
    • Car and driver
    • Domestic flights
    • Professional tour guide
    • All entry passes