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This restaurant offers a host of delicious and spicy Persian, local and Pakistani dishes. The restaurant has great seafood options. 

This is the most exotic restaurant in Abadan, they serve spicy pakistani cuisines, don't miss their "Beriani" and "Ghalye Meygoo"


it is the best if you are a sea food lover and their dishes are spicy as it gets :))


Went here with my Iranian companions for dinner during our visit to Abadan. It resembled Indian food at first, but when i got to taste the famous Ghalye Meygoo i could say it was a mix of Iranian flavors, overall loved it.


Loved the Beriani and service was great, we had to wait about 40 minutes till our dishes arrived but it was worth it :))


One of the hot spots for dinner while you are in Abadan. The spicy seafood menu makes you wonder which plate to choose


My friends took me to this Pakistani Restaurant and i tried Shrimp Ghourmet and have to say it was mouth watering and delicious :)

Pakistan Central

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    Imam St.