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Located in Abadan’s Parsian Azadi Hotel, this restaurant serves a variety of delicious Persian and international dishes.


very polite and friendly staff. we had some french quests, they really liked the food of this place specially kebab. it was above our expectation, it made us proud.


nice area with great traditional iranian dishes. it was busy when we get there but they got us a table very soon and served us fast. food was very fresh and tasty. you get some good quality food here. very polite staff and clean place.


very nice accommodation and staff are polite i enjoyed Kebab dish


It's what you expect from a 5-star hotel restaurant, chic and elegant and yet additional Iranian traditional dishes are amazing. I had chicken kebab with rice and yoghurt drink and it was perfect, also staff are professional and polite.


My friend and i, dinned here couple of times during our stay, a little bit on the pricey side but the plates were mouth watering and delicious.


Personally while traveling I prefer to try local dishes but since we had official dinner meetings, we tried this restaurant and it was perfect, staff were polite and friendly and service was sufficient.


Probably one of the juciest kebabs out there, we pretty much enjoyed our time here and it was super easy to communicate with the staff...


The hotel itself is good, but the restaurant was not really good. if you are staying there try to eat outside.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Restaurant

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    Abadan- Khoramshahr Rd., Bereim Neighborhood