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Harpak Fire Temple is the oldest monument in Abyaneh village. This Fire Temple is believed to have been constructed of mortar and stone during the Achaemenid era (550-330 BC) and renovated in the Sassanid era (224- 651 CE). Legend has it that Cyrus the Great (576-530 BC) built this temple after the death of his long time foe Harpak to honor his bravery and wisdom.


One of the oldest fire temples in the world and it was amazing to walk in the ancient alleys of this village however almost all of these buildings ae closed to the public and you get to see them from outside.


I couldn't understand how it used to work unfortunately, and it's easy to miss. It does look like as shown in the picture but it's just right in the middle of an alley and we easily walked past it without noticing it.


There is one main alley in Abyaneh where you can see all these magnificent structures and maybe buy a handicraft from locals.


Beautiful place, unfortunately almost all of these places are closed and an hour or two is enough to see the village.

Harpak Fire Temple

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    Abyaneh , Isfahan Province