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Located in Viuna Hotel, this is the only restaurant in Abyaneh. The restaurant serves a number of Kebabs and Persian dishes.


یه رستوران سنتی خوب و دوست داشتنی


considering its the only restaurant in Abyaneh we went there for launch after visiting the village the food was convenient and it was busy since a bus full of tourist arrived before us but they served our food fast and the price was normal


There is not many choice of restaurant in Abyaneh, this place is the only safe place you can eat which is located at viuna hotel, good view and the food is to be honest is good but not much choices. we tried this traditional meet with bread which was delicious. try cinnamon tea there if there s available at the time you are there.

Hooman Hejazy

Viuna restaurant which is located at the back of the hotel lobby offers delicious traditional home cooked Iranian meals. This place has the best Fesenjan stew and the other dish i can recommend is Zeresh polo with Chicken. On the way from Kashan to Isfahan, its best if you can stop for the visit to the village and after that enjoy your lunch at Viuna and continue your journey after a little rest at this place. It's the safest restaurant on your way and head chef is an Iranian lady who has been there for a long time and she personally attends to your table and asks you if everything was alright :)


Located in the back of the lobby of the hotel, they offer a variety of mouth-watering traditional plates and personally I really enjoyed the Zereshk Polo Morgh (Chicken with rice) and Fesenjan Stew with chicken both delicious plates here.


You'll pretty much enjoy any type of kebab in this place as they are very juicy and mouthwatering served by the friendliest staff ever!


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    Viuna Hotel