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This quaint restaurant is located at the heart of Amol and offers tasty Caspian cuisine. The ‘Fesenjan’ (ground walnut and pomegranate paste stew) and Morq-e Torsh (Sour Chicken Stew) are a must try. 


Traditional Morq Torsh is a northern dish in Iran and they serve it here and its tasty and delicious :))


my friends recommended this restaurant to me and i tried Fesenjan it was tasty and delicious :))


Make sure to try Sour Chicken Stew if you go here, it's simply AMAZING :)


We went to this restaurant and everybody really enjoyed the traditional Northern Dishes. My recommendation: go for the Fesenjan with rice :)


رستوران خوبه غذاهاش هم عاليه ، آش رشتش كه حرف نداره ، قيمتش هم خوبه

Ashpaz Bashi

  • Type

    Caspian Cuisine

  • Address

    Taleb-e Amoli St., End of Kalaksar Blvd., After 77th Darya St.