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Located in the Arak Bazaar and near the Sepahdari Mosque and School in the old texture of the city, Hassanpour Mansion is a century old two-story structure with beautiful Sedaris (three-window or –door bedrooms) and Panjdaris (five-window or –door living room), which are connected via stairwells and corridors.

Rooms in this mansion all open to the main courtyard. The ground floor has a winter living room (Zemestaneh), kitchen and a storage room and the first floor has a Panjdari and summer living room (Tabestaneh).

Today, this house is the location of the Handicrafts Museum of Arak where pottery, calligraphy, carpets, monabbat and traditional costumes among other things are displayed, and where traditional arts are taught in workshops.

Hassanpour House was registered as a National Heritage Site in 1999.

Hassanpour Mansion

  • Address

    Arak Old Bazaar