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Fandoqlou (also known as Fandoghlou and Fandoq Lou) is a forest east of Ardabil Province. This forest, which is an extension of the semi-tropical forests of Gilan Province, is located 30 kilometers from Ardabil on the road to Astara. The forest’s takes its name from the Persian word for hazelnut (fandoq) as hazelnut trees grow in abundance in it.  Fandoqlou Forest has 19 different plant species including hazelnut, hornbeam, beech, oak, chestnut-leaved oak and musk willow trees. The forest is home to animals such as wolf, fox, wild boar, rabbit, brown bear, golden eagle, quail, hoopoe, common pheasant, grey partridge, hooded crow and rook. Fandoqlou Forest has a hot spring that is said to have therapeutic properties and a grass skiing piste. Fandoqlou has two springs one from the end of March to end of June and the other from late September to mid-November.  Fandoqlou Forest experiences cool, pleasant summers and cold, humid winters. 

Fandoqlou Forest

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