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Located 42 kilometers southeast of Ardabil city on the road to Khalkhal, Lake Neor is a popular destination for those who like to fish as a hobby.  This 257-hectare lake is situated 2,700 meters above sea level. Neor consists of a large and a smaller lake that unite to form a single lake when the lake’s water levels are high. Lake Neor is home to rainbow trout, ruddy shelduck, frogs and swallows. The lake is also the habitat of various animal species most notably brown bear, wolf, fox, snake, lizard, Eurasian teal, grey partridge, lark, coot, quail, golden eagle and chough. Neor is the biggest sweet water lake in Ardabil Province and attracts numerous tourists who want to enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of the region and hike or to fish every year. 

Lake Neor

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