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Heyran Pass is located 25 kilometers from the city of Astara on the road to Ardabil. The word Heyran means ‘astonishing’ in the Persian language. It is believed that this pass was named Heyran as it is almost always shrouded in a cloud of mist, creating an astonishing view for onlookers.  The pass overlooks lush forest on one side and a valley through which Aras River Flows. Aras River marks the border between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan. 


گردنه حیران را اگر خوش شانس باشید و زمانی که مه در گردنه هست ببینید هرگز از یادتان نمی رود. واقعا انسان حیران می ماند از این همه زیبایی.

Heyran Pass

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    Fandoghlou Rd