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The Military Museum of Bandar Anzali is located in Mian Poshteh Palace which was built in two stories and with 11 rooms in 1930 by Reza Shah (1878-1944), the founder of the Pahlavi dynasty. The palace was turned into a Military Museum in 1989 after a series of renovations.

The first level of the museum showcases small arms, light weapons, and military equipment from the Zand era (1785-1925) to the time of Reza Shah Pahlavi, Rhinoceros skin shields, battle attire, Kulah Khud helmets, revolvers, handguns, muzzleloader shotguns, flintlocks, spears, navigation and diving equipment, and….

The second level of the museum holds furniture belonging to Reza Shah, engraved wooden shelves, bronze candlesticks and clocks, porcelain dishes, engraved wooden tables and a candelabra made from a solid piece of wood. Presents from various heads of states to the Pahlavi family like a radio console gifted to Reza Shah by Adolf Hitler are also on display in this part of the museum. Qajar era (1785-1925) royal painter Kamal-ol-molk’s (1847-1947) “Hanging Partridge” canvas and a painting attributed to Nasser-al Din Shah (1831-1896) are among the artworks showcased on this level.

The Military Museum has a photo exhibition which shows the Iranian military’s development since its inception in 1922. Heavy weapons like tanks and canons are displayed on the front lawn of the palace. The museum also has a gazebo where visitors can be photographed wearing traditional Gilan costumes.


Anzali Palace Museum

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