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Located 55 kilometers north of Rasht City, Anzali Lagoon is situated southwest of Bandar Anzali and the Caspian Sea. This sweet water lagoon spans an area of 120 square kilometers in the spring and winter, and an area of 80 square kilometers in the fall and summer. Anzali’s water depth is around 2.5 meters in spring. Some 11 main rivers and 30 tributaries empty into the lagoon after watering rice paddies and farmlands along their course.

Anzali Lagoon has the highest amount of rainfall in the winter and height level of humidity (about 80 to 85%) in the summer. Its lowest temperature is close to zero or zero in winter and its highest temperature is between 33 to 36 degrees centigrade in midsummer.

Different amphibian and fish species lay eggs in Anzali Lagoon and it is also a refuge for local and migrant birds, some of which are at risk of extinction. Anzali has over 100 bird, 50 fish and hundreds of other plant species.

Some of Anzali’s top fishes include pike, common carp, common bream, catfish, Caspian shemaya, Caspian vimba, Caspian zander, Caspian perch, Caspian barbel, Caspian kutum, mullet, Caspian carp, silver carp, bighead carp, grass carp, salmon, sturgeon fish, Caspian Asp, river loach, crucian carp, tench, spotless butterfly cod, silverside, Caspian marine shad, glassfish and Caspian lamprey.

Eurasian otter, porcupine, weasel, Caspian seal and jackal are the prominent mammal species if Anzali.

The lagoon is also a suitable destination or bird watching and attracts many nature lovers every year. The most prominent birds of Anzali include kingfisher, curlew, greater spotted eagle, coot, garganey, moorhen, black kite, whooper swan, mute swan, tundra swan, sandpiper, mallard, pelican, flamingo, little bittern, purple heron, grey heron, great grebe, Caspian gull, greylag goose, western swamphen, little black cormorant, great egret, barn swallow, tit, starling, Eurasian magpie, green bee-eater, chough, hooded crow, common pheasant, cattle egret, sparrow, Eurasian wigeon, wagtail, red-breasted goose, warbler, white-headed duck, ferruginous duck, red-crested pochard, red-breasted merganser, smew, common goldeneye, hawk, Eurasian sparrowhawk, northern lapwing, little grebe, little cormorant, African darter, plover, tufted duck, ring-necked duck, goosander, common linnet, trumpeter finch and wren.

Anzali is also home to lotus flowers which are considered sacred in many Asian cultures. Many of the ancient Iranian historical sites like Persepolis, the ceremonial Capital of the Achaemenids (550-330 BC), have lotus carvings as decorations.  Anzali Lagoon is also the natural habitat for water lilies and duckweed.


Had a chance to go on a boat ride with my friends on this beautiful lagoon, if you are visiting Anzali you have to see here amazing nature :)

Anzali Lagoon

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    55 Km, Northwest of Rasht City