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Located at the center of   Anzali Lagoon, this 477-hectare refuge is home to migrant birds like swan, geese, coot, various ducks, western swamphen, Rallidae, and Caspian gulls in the winter. The refuge is also the habitat of indigenous and migrant fish species including zander, Caspian Perch, carp, bream, pike, Caspian white fish, vimba bream, and Azov shemaya. Water fern, duckweed, lotus, periwinkle, bur-reed and reed are the most common plant species of Sorkhangol Wildlife Refuge.

The water level and depth at Sorkhangol varies depending on fluctuations in the Caspian Sea water levels. The refuge’s temperature drops to zero in the winter and reaches 28 degrees centigrade during the warmest months of the year.

Sorkhangol Wildlife Refuge

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    Anzali Lagoon