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The 3,000-square-meter Birjand Fortress is one of the largest and oldest historical structures in Birjand which was used from the Safavid (1501–1736) to the Qajar (1785-1925) eras as a safe shelter for the residence of the city where they would take refuge in the event of attacks by Uzbek and Turkmen outlaws. Located atop a hill in the city, Birjand is believed to have grown around this fortress. Built from mudbrick and cob, the fortress once had 7 watchtowers. Only one of these towers has fallen into ruin. The fortress has food and water storage cellars that were used to feed the people seeking shelter in times of attack. Underground tunnels connected this fortress to the most important parts of the city and were used as an escape route for the people in times of danger. This fortress was once renovated in the Qajar era and once in 1999. Birjand Fortress was registered as a National Heritage Site in 2006.   

Birjand Fortress

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    Jomhuri St.