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Forg or Furg Citadel is an Afsharid (1736–1796) structure, which was once the most important Ismaili stronghold after Alamout (Eagle's Nest) - the mountain fortress where Hasan-i Sabbah (1050–1124) and his gang of Hashshashin or Assassins lived. Hashshashin were a group of nameless individuals trained to kill political and religious figures who were perceived as enemies by Hasan-i Sabbah. These nameless assassins were only given nicknames before being dispatched on missions. It is believed that Forg Citadel was the training camp for these assassins. Built from brick, stone and mudbrick, the citadel consisted of three sections. The first was the living headquarters for servants, food storage cellars and living space for domestic animals. The second was where military personnel and guards lived and where military equipment was stored. The third section was where the lord of the citadel and his family and confidents resided. Forg once had 18 watchtowers some of which still stand today. Many parts of the citadel have fallen into ruin due to the passage of time and the elements. Forg Citadel was registered as a National Heritage Site in 2000.

Forg Citadel

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    Forg Village