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Kolah Farangi Mansion, which is also known as Hesam al-Doleh Citadel, Bibi Arous Castle and Sarkar Citadel, is a late Zand (1750-1794) and early Qajar era (1785-1925) structure. This hexagonal structure has a white conical roof. Built to resemble a six-level Ziggurat, Kolah Farangi Mansion has two actual stories.

A network of corridors connects all rooms and Hashtis (vestibules). All spaces on the first floor open into an octagonal Howz Khaneh (pool house) which has several short stoops. An elaborate fountain provides air-conditioning and skywells in the ceiling provide lighting for the Howz Khaneh.

Decorative Persian architectural elements like Muqarnas (ornamented vaulting), Rasmi Bandi (interlocking patterns, arches and geometric shapes), Karbandi (parametric dome) and ornamental arches have been used in the Howz Khaneh.

The octagonal second story of the structure is smaller than the first floor and only has a few rooms.

Kolah Farangi Mansion currently serves as the office of the governor of South Khorasan Province. Kolah Farangi Mansion is a registered National Heritage Site. 


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Kolah Farangi Citadel

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