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Eftekhar-ol-eslam Tabatabaei House is a Qajar (1785-1925) structure that once belonged to one of the prominent clerics of Boroujerd. The house is one of the biggest and most glamorous residences still standing in the old texture of Boroujerd.

The house has a gargantuan façade with double wooden doors that open to a Hashti (vestibule) which leads to a large courtyard. This two-story house includes a private bathhouse, spacious kitchen quarters and several large, interconnected halls.

Eftekhar-ol-eslam Tabatabaei House has stained glass windows, mo’arraq tile decorations and delightful wall paintings. The house was registered as a National Heritage Site in 2004.

Eftekhar-ol-eslam Tabatabaei House

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