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Imamzadeh Jafar is a mausoleum belonging to Jafar one of the sons of the seventh Shia Imam, Musa al-Kadhim (PBUH) (745-799), or one of the decedents of the fourth Shia Imam, Ali ibn Husayn al-Sajjad (PBUH) (659-713). One of the oldest structures in Boroujerd, this mausoleum is believed to have originally been built in the Seljuq (1038-1118) era with additions and renovations made in the Ilkhanid (1256–1335) era.  The dome chamber is an octagonal structure with doors on each side that lead to a small room.  The structure has a stepped, conical dome resembling that of the mausoleum of Daniel the Prophet in Shush. The dome which is 25 meters from the ground has 18 levels. The mausoleum has two monabbat (wood carving) doors adorned with Quranic verses and extensive mirrorwork has been used inside the structure. Imamzadeh Jafar Mausoleum was renovated and expanded during the Safavid (1501–1736) and Qajar (1785-1925) eras. 

Imamzadeh Jafar Holy Shrine

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