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The Sea and Seamanship Museum of the Persian Gulf opened in 2009 in the former British Consulate in Bushehr. The museum showcases military and naval equipment such as compasses, Naval binoculars, night vision scopes and goggles, radios, historical maps, English and Persian typewriters, marine knot picture guides and medical kits. Documents pertaining to various naval operations as well as the biographies of naval martyrs of the eight-year Iraq-Iran war of the 1980s.

Model Lanj, naval boats, submarines and military ships built by Iranian engineers during the eight-year war with Iraq are displayed in front of the museum.  The 110-year-old Persepolis Battleship, Iran’s first warship, which was gifted to Qajar King Nasser-al Din Shah (1831-1896) by Germany in 1885 is also housed at this museum. 

Persian Gulf Sea and Seamanship Museum

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    Sabz Abad