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This traditional restaurant is one of the famous eateries of Bushehr and serves delicious high-quality Persian, local and traditional dishes. 


لحظات خوبی رو اینجا تجربه میکنید و از طعم غذایی خوبش لذت میبرید

رستوران خوبی هست و غذاهای دریایی خوبی داره مخصوصا ماهی شکم پر که خیلی خوشمزه است, فقط اینکه قیمتش نسبت به رستورانهای دیگه بوشهر یه مقدار بالاتر هست .


its a beautiful restaurant and the service is great i had fish here and it was fresh and mouth watering and tasty :))


It's almost impossible not to enjoy a peaceful meal in such setting and atmosphere. Although the prices are a little high but it's worth it!


  • Type

    Traditionl Persian

  • Address

    Saheli Blvd.