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Banmasity Caves or the Three Caves of Tis are located 5 kilometers northwest of Tis Village at the foot of Mount Shahbazvand.  In the Baluchi language ‘ban’ means holy man or monk and ‘masity’ means temple or place of worship and it is believed that the name of these caves means holy man temple.

The caves include one natural and two manmade caves. The first cave is crescent shaped and its entrance has been expanded by carving. There is a small stucco tomb inside this natural cave that has red and purple Gujarati script inscribed on it. In the past, locals would bring Qurans and scared scripts to this cave for safe keeping.

There are two manmade caves on either side of the natural cave. The first is only seven steps away from the natural cave and has visible carvings inside it. The entrance of this cave is 80 centimeters high and has a short ceiling.  About 50 meters to the left of the natural cave is the third cave which has a 20-meter-high entrance. These caves appear to be resting places or temples and the remains of a staircase leading to the entrance of these caves from the ground are still visible. 

Baan Mesiti Caves and Temple

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    Tis, Sistan and Baluchestan Province