Akapel Waterfall

Kelar Dasht, Rudbarak District

This waterfall is located 23 kilometers from Chalous on the road to Kelardasht.



Alborz Mountain Range

Standing at 4,850 meters, Alam Kouh peak is the second tallest mountain in Iran after Mount Damavand. Alam Kouh is located 47 kilometers from Chalous...


Chalous River

Kandovan Highlands

This river, which originates from the Alborz Mountains in the Kandovan area, empties into the Caspian Sea after running an 85 kilometer route and pass...


Daryouk Dam Lake

Vali Abad Valley

This lake is located 60 kilometers from Chalous on the road to Tehran. The depth of this sweet water lake is 5 meters. The lush fields surrounding thi...


Fian Forest Park

Chalus Rd, Mazandaran Province

Fin Forest Park or Chalous Forest Park is located 6 kilometers south of Chalous on the road to Karaj. The Chalous River passes by this park. The park...


Harijan Waterfall

Hezar Cham Road

This waterfall is located 70 kilometers south of Chalous on the road to Tehran. The waterfall is located near Harijan Village and is 9 meters tall. Th...


Kandouchal Lagoon

Fian Park Mazandaran Province

Located 7 kilometers from Chalous in Fian Forest, Kandouchal Lagoon has a depth of 4 to 5 meters and is surrounded by reed beds and wild flowers. The...


Namak Abrud Telecabin

Namakabrud, Mazandaran Province

Namak Abrood Cable Car offers a unique view of Mazandaran and its surrounding mountains. The cable car reaches an elevation of 700 meters above sea le...


Takht-e Soleiman Mountain

Alborz Mountain range

Takhte Soleyman or Takht-e Suleyman is a 4,659-meter mountain in the Takht-e Suleyman Massif, Alborz mountain range, north of Iran. Takhte Soleyman me...


Valasht Lake

Marzan Abad

This lake is located 23 kilometers from Chalous on the road to Kelardasht. One of the 10 sweet water lakes of Iran, Lake Volasht is home to migratory...


Yakh Morad Cave

Alborz Province, Gachsar - Taleqan Rd

Yakh Morad Cave is located 65 kilometers from Tehran on the road to Chalous. The cave sits an an altitude of 2,640 meters above the Caspian Sea. The m...