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The Jame Mosque of Dezful is a 10th or 11th century structure inspired by the Sassanid (224-651 CE) palace of Iwan-e Karkheh, meaning the ‘vault or terrace,’ palace near Karkheh River in Shush. The mosque was renovated, expanded and further embellished during the Safavid (1501-1722) and Qajar (1785-1925) eras and later periods. The mosque consists of a façade, a large courtyard, several iwans (a vaulted hall, walled on three sides and open on one side) and an eastern and southern Shabistan (inner sanctum).

The mihrab (prayer niche) of the mosque is located in the middle of the Shabistan and has elaborate stucco reliefs. Two 15-meter minarets are located on either side of the iwan and are covered in intricate tilework. Some of the turquoise and Persian blue tilework of the mosque catalogue its Safavid renovations.

Jame Mosque of Dezful

  • Address

    Khuzestan Province, Dezful