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Roudband Mausoleum in Dezful is the tomb of Khajeh Seyyed Ali, one of the 7th Shia Imam Musa al-Kadhim (745-799 CE), who came to Dezful to preach the word of God. When people refused to listen to his message, he prayed to God to stop Dez River from flowing and it is said that his prayer was answered and the river stopped flowing. From that day on he came to be known as Roudband (he who stops the flow of the river).

The mausoleum which is a pilgrimage site in Dezful dates back to the Timurid era (1370–1507) and is attributed to Tamerlane (1320s-1405). The structure was renovated during the reign of Safavid King Abbas I in 1620. The mausoleum has an 18-meter white conical dome. Roudband Mausoleum is a registered National Heritage Site. 

Roudband Mausoleum

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    Roudband Park