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Tepe Chogha Mish is a mound located south of Dezful in a plain where the Karoun and Dez rivers flow. The site dates back to the 7th millennium BC and holds finds from the Neolithic up to the Proto-Literate periods. Various Elamite (Susiana) artifacts including potshards, clay statues, seals with military themes, clay tokens, clay slings and other metal tools.The importance of the site is because it contains evidence about the development of writing, starting from an accounting system with clay tokens that later changed to tablets with marks and finally a cuneiform writing system. The site also contains the ruins of a massive 21-meter tall and 5-meter wide structure as well as a ziggurat-like structure and artifacts with sun cross motifs.

Tappeh-ye Chogha Mish

  • Address

    South of Dezful