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Located in Halil Hotel, this restaurant serves a variety of delicious Persian and local dishes.


nice and clean restaurant and staff are very polite and helpful and i thought the plate was normal


غذاش عالیه ,خیلی خوشمزه و خوب پخته شده ،من و دوستام حتما هراخر هفته باید غذای اینجارو بخوریم ،پیشنهاد من به شما اینه که حتما زرشک پلو با مرغ و جوجه کباب ارو از امتحان کنید


The food here is awesome! I totally recommend you try the dishes served with rice or chicken since we all enjoyed them. The staff are very patient and helpful.

Halil Hotel Restaurant

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    12 Bahman St.